In the previous article, we discussed psychological protection. As mentioned earlier, psychological defenses are unconscious component of the psyche. Today I want to talk to you coping strategies – lucid mechanisms of coping with stress. Is different strategies that we choose in everyday life in order to cope with difficult situations.

Total allocated 8 main coping strategies:

  1. Confrontation – behavioral activity, which is often not purposeful and chaotic, and includes the acting out of the emotional state. If the severity of this strategy may include the impulsive hostile reactions, conflict, undue persistence, difficulties in planning their actions.
  2. Distancing – this strategy involves overcoming the emotional stress caused by the situation, by reducing emotional involvement in the situation. To this may be a rationalization, a shift, suspension, humor, depreciation, etc. (in other words, people deliberately trying to move away from the problem that it is not affected).
  3. Self – this strategy is a deliberate suppression of their emotions and a high control of behavior. (In other words, man tries to hide from others their experiences related to a difficult situation). Often this behavior may indicate fear and excessive demands of himself.
  4. Search of social support – orientation to the social environment, with the aim to get support (emotional – to be heard, to share their experiences; information – get recommendations or advice from those who understand the situation; or in the form of concrete actions), attention, sympathy.
  5. Acceptance of responsibility – as the name implies, this strategy involves acceptance of their responsibility for participation and resolution of problem situations. With moderate use of this strategy reflects the desire of the individual to understand the relationship between their own actions and their consequences, the willingness to analyze their behavior, to look for the causes of current difficulties in the personal shortcomings and mistakes. At the same time, the severity of this strategy in behavior can lead to unnecessary self-criticism, experience feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction. Often the severity of this strategy may lead to depressive conditions.
  6. Escape, avoidance – the essence of this strategy is to deny the problem of excessive expectations not correspond with reality, distraction, etc. (in Other words, the person denies or ignores the issue, evading its responsibility and not taking any action to resolve the difficulties). Can also manifest itself in passivity, impatience, irritability, immersion in fantasy, overeating, drinking alcohol, etc., in order to reduce emotional stress.
  7. the Systematic solution of problems – this strategy involves a deliberate analysis of the situation and search for possible solutions to problems, planning of their actions. (People trying to constructively resolve the situation)
  8. Positive revaluation – positive reinterpretation of the situation as an opportunity for personal growth. (In other words, one tries to find in a difficult situation something positive, experience, etc)

Each coping strategy is manifested in 3 areas: behavioral, affective (emotional) and cognitive.

having Considered these coping skills, it should be noted that depending on the specific situation of those or other coping strategies can be productive or unproductive on the contrary. Not to say that a systematic solution to the problem will always be an effective strategy, but, for example, escape or avoidance – always an ineffective strategy. There are situations when a temporary ignoring of the situation can be more effective than attempts to solve it in this period of time. Therefore, the effectiveness of different strategies it looks at the specific situation and there is no universal strategy that would work always and everywhere. Below I will attach a picture for clarity, how is the coping strategy.

the Combination of these opengov forms the set of strategies that are more adaptive system, allowing to cope with difficulties.


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