Counseling by e-mail: what are the advantages?



Psychological consultation via e-mail - type of psychological help that involves writing letters to a psychologist and getting qualified answers and recommendations via e-mail.

what are the advantages of consultations by e-mail?

1.Alternative to face-to-face consultations. it so Happens that the person is not ready or able to talk with a psychologist, but wants to understand interesting. The reasons why people are not coming for a consultation, are different: any schedule of work, the desire to save time, reverent and cautious attitude to new people and psychologists in particular, wish to remain anonymous, impaired speech, difficulty moving, etc.

2. The accessibility and convenience – client can communicate with a psychologist regardless of the physical distance between them, being in familiar, comfortable conditions.

3. Free disposal – in order to receive consultation of the psychologist, the client doesn't need to spend time on the road, to fit into the "live" work schedule of the psychologist.

to write a letter to you at any moment. There is always time to make an informed, balanced and most detailed statement of his situation. You can take time to reread and reflect on how my letter and the response.

However, the email still should have certain time limits in order for the need to address the problem has been satisfied for some time, and not put off indefinitely. The client and the psychologist agree on provisional guidelines.

4. The self-disclosure. In the letter, the person sometimes it is easier to Express painful ask very personal, intimate questions that are difficult to pronounce in conversation. And if in a personal conversation on the client and the psychologist can affect appearance, speech and other individual characteristics of each other, then emails the influence of these factors is reduced.

5. Diagnosticdest. Written in the letter (the contents of the letter and its style, the nature of phrasing) can give quite a lot of information about the author. Letters can reveal the man and his situation, no less than a telephone contact or face-to-face consultation.

Correspondence by e-mail also makes use of questionnaires, projective techniques, product analysis activities (drawings, poems, etc.).

6. Conservation information. e-mail Correspondence is saved as the client and the psychologist. You can return to the written, easy to read and comprehend the recommendations given by the psychologist in the answers to the questions.

7. Therapeutic effect. When a person thinks about a situation, formulates and expresses his thoughts and feelings in writing are processes of self-healing: the accumulated energy is released, a state of confusion transformirovalsya in greater clarity and understanding of what is happening. What was inside, takes the form of text and it helps to see the situation from the outside. "Ball" begins to unravel.

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