family constellation in a group helped to discover many unknown causes of conflict between partners. Often significant are not faded events from childhood, youth and ex-ties of these people, but the events and loving relationship in the parent family. It turned out, in the lives of people there are forces far beyond their personal desires and eating from unconscious sources.

an Important role here can play the separation or divorce of parents, and the premature death of father, mother, brothers or sisters or when the person does not know his parents.

Arrangement, identifying the customers plantnet the fate of the parents show that many of the conflicts in the relationship of partners have nothing to do with them.

Unconscious involvement in suffering love the former characters of a family system makes partners blind and insensitive relative to each other, they can each other to hurt, regardless of the other person's feelings and oblivious to the evils of such behavior.

the Main objective of placement is to penetrate deep into the archaic relations and pick up the keys from the unconscious captivity of the opponent's fate.

There are aspects, which affect a conflict in a relationship couples I just listed for starters: abortion (have far-reaching implications), disruption of the balance of give-take, and when each partner keeps a course to the desired improvement in another (like I want it to become another)

There is the opinion that love between couples is ultimately a matter of feeling and it depends on the choice of the "right" partner. But the arrangement show the opposite: a sense of hate between partners the conflict connected with concepts about the ideal partner or deepen images from the parent family.

Raising the contribution of the placement is primarily in debunking various illusions.

the Consultant focused exclusively on the next possible step.

the Path, the goal and the responsibility for the success of couple relationships remain with the client. Thus, everyone is responsible for themselves and both parties retain equal rights.

So popular in the partner relationship, the phrase "let me accept the way I am" is a good motto for relationships between client and consultant.

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