..."What will happen?"...

..."What can I say?"...

...", He will be able to help me?"...

..."As a stranger that I never told anyone?"...

..."can I actually have a problem, or I just use my money and other people's time to spend?"...

All these and many other questions may revolve in the mind of the man who sits in front of me. I know about it! Therefore, in the first five minutes after the start of the meeting I asked the client questions that will enable him to feel the ground beneath your feet and will not indulge in disturbing monologue.

it is Very important to return to the moment "here and now" to the communication of the therapist with the client took place in the present, not in past time. We will find a solution. Here. In this office. He brought it with him, inside, or rather in his mind.

My questions and his story will allow us to make explicit the limitations and obstacles that he is also everywhere. They hide from his awareness of the true causes of symptoms, problems, conflicts and lack of harmony.

What is the reason? Also he himself. Precisely what made up his personality. What makes it whole.

I will reiterate something that I'm deeply convinced that 95% of the reason for the anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, etc., is not the object that triggered this reaction, and the fact that rose and squared his shoulders inside the person, experiencing it all.I now came up with a fairly accurate metaphor of what I want to say! Remember the cartoon about Aladdin or any other tale about a magic lamp. Imagine that the Genie rose from the lamp had only to RUB. Just don't let it be the kind and funny blue Genie, who was voiced by Robin Williams.

Let's imagine angry and vengeful Genie, just waiting for an opportunity to deceive the master and break free....Happened? So, the person with whom we swear that we so annoying or makes you feel small, in fact only rubs the "magic" lamp! Exactly! And angry and the jealous Genie that appears out of the dark and acrid smoke after that is our Critic, of which we see only. More precisely, we think that our opponent is the Genie, because their shapes are the same – we "transfer" this imaginary image of a real person.Looking ahead, I will say that the image of this "Genie" will be in therapy our main target for destruction. Another task to reveal deep customer needs, the implementation of which will make him happy. And the therapist on consultation will apply all his vast Arsenal of knowledge and techniques in order to make it possible to perform these tasks in therapy.

Some of the requirements might in some degree satisfy already in sessions. But in the short term the client he will find ways and means, increasing with each session in therapy, its a Healthy part. Soon he no longer needed the regular support of a consultant, and he will reveal towards life all its vast potential of energy, talent and imagination!

This process interesting and exciting not only the client but also the therapist! That is why I love my job! To accompany each person in this way is a great honor and joy for me! Even though it requires a large investment of their own spiritual and moral strength, but it is also a fountain of pure energy!Sources of this energy on the earth, a great variety. If to be exact – already more than 7 billion. And the good news is that the resources of each such "field" inexhaustible and are limited only by the size of his imagination and courage!

thank You!

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