Each of us at least once convinced that the attempts of others to manipulate and to exert pressure entail a loss of focus and deterioration of the physical and emotional state.

the understanding of the mechanisms of manipulation and the ability to resist them – an essential quality of a successful leader (and not only). It can help him/her not just, for example, at business negotiations (speaking about business), but also in the communication with superiors (if he is a subordinate) and subordinate (if he is the Manager).

These cases are called psychomania. This term belongs to a psychiatrist from Germany, the son of the author of the method of Positive psychotherapy – Hamid Pezeshkian.

the table below shows the principal of psychomania manipulators, as well as given information on how to recognize them and to neutralize:



How to master

Always dissatisfied with

How would others do not try, they are never able to please him.

you should Not try to please him. First of all you need to be aware of their strengths/weaknesses. So he will not be able to "catch" and devalue you.


always uses the saying "Yes, but...". Ie in any case he can find plenty of counter-arguments.

it is best to put their point of view, as if putting it before the fact, it would be so-and-so, and nothing else. It will not give him a chance again to start the game.

the Sufferer

Constantly pretends that he is bad and all have to comfort and encourage. Besides – no one developed the case, he does not bring to the end, believing that everything is meaningless.

paradoxically, with this type it is necessary to show maximum participation and compassion. Ie – do your best to help and encourage. This will help to disarm and a little distance.


Not like change, innovations, and initiatives. Doing everything according to the usual pattern and others waiting for the same.

continue to do his in usual manner. Try to minimize communication with him.


the Paradox is that he can ask a question, but he didn't want the answer. He simply ignores the interlocutor, making him feel completely insignificant.

to Try with him did not immediately "open arms". Before bonding, the best – gently "throw him a ball of confidence."

Mr. Politeness

Imposes to help others, but their help is refused. Constantly pretends he doesn't want anyone to strain.

the Tactics of the ambivalent interaction. On the one hand, should show that you are willing to help if you need it. On the other – just to let him know that this is not regularly and not to the detriment of their business. Ie here is to build a border.


Constantly interferes in everything, believing that only he knows how. In fact only exacerbating.

you Must limit the dissemination of certain information. As attempts to explain anything. Optimally Express their position, for example, neutral: "No comment." This is quite enough.


Friendly and good appearance, in fact – in his mind, "tihushnik".

"still waters run deep..." is just about them.

the Only strategy is the alignment of the boundaries. So that the manipulator did not have the possibility to "catch".


Considers himself an expert, even if you do not understand the question. Judged superficially, all the while dishing out advice.

it is Necessary to determine whether the person is competent in a particular area. If still insufficient, then try to refuse his advice and limit his participation, directly making it clear that his advice is not needed.

"I am not guilty."

This type of manipulator used to shift responsibility to others. If something happened, the blame, anyone but him.

unfortunately, in this case you can only try to accept them, because it is impossible to change in any case.

In my trainings and consultations, the participants/clients come up with their own examples and model situations of manipulation and confrontation. If it is training, each group with a draw chooses several types of manipulators and to work with them and the outcome share ideas and suggestions to neutralize such "psychomania". At your consultation we perform this exercise together.

As a rule, to consolidate the skills I give a simple assignment: to find 5-7 examples of manipulation in an artistic film or book, and to think about how exactly attacked "psychomania" character could resist it.

in Addition to the above recommendations, it is useful also to master emotional competence. This will help You not only to manage their emotions, but do not give it to someone else. Take care of yourself!

Preparing for the release of my author's deck MAC "Give paw, friend!" devoted to emotions and work with them. Stay tuned! :)


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