Crafts with your child or How to instill in your child a complex?


Long thought how to call this article now.....that name appeared.

unfortunately, I often observe how adults "toxic" talk with their children. They certainly are not doing this out of malice and talking, love my child as I can. As loved and talked with them by their parents.

here is an example of my observation when his daughter participated in a master class of creating origami Shark. Perhaps my explanation will help some parents to adjust and to learn to talk differently.

We did crafts. As did my daughter, I leave it out. Talk about man who was sitting with his daughter right in front of me. Girl looked about 4 years. Nice sweet girl, neat. Impression sensible for his age. The hack is simple, but requires some adult assistance for a child of that age.

In fact, the baby didn't do crafts at all. Square dad cut himself, origami folded itself and even the mouth itself is stuck. Daughter tried to participate on her face was clear interest. Dad its activity is greatly annoyed and said in a displeased voice the following:

-you Have everything at random. Nothing to do really do not know how.

-you gently will not work.

-You're not diligent. You will not be able to do.

- what are you doing? What are you doing? Do you even know?

listening to it was extremely unpleasant. And feel sorry for the girl.

what about the girl with such a regular communication?

1. It will have a suggestion. She's not plodding, nothing really can not do it. With such conviction of her Inner parent with the same inner critic in the future very hard to live. And not in the distant future, in the near present, her inner voice will herself to blame and to criticize. Position I - NOT OK.

2. A child is deprived of the "right to error". Of course, what to do, and suddenly the bad happens. Again dad will scold, and then myself. It is better to do nothing. It's easier, safer, calmer. Ready infatil succeed with suppressed activity. Who will not know what he likes, what he wants, who he wants to be. And to pursue my dreams even more!!! Better at home on the couch or at the computer to watch Youtube. Which will not live as he wants, as well as calmer. Because this error is as crooked glued his mouth to the shark, akin to disaster. Anyway, the error? In this age of DIY has not yet turn out neat.

And dad after DIY show concern. Wore the baby allowed to play in the games room. That's just his psychological trauma and imprints are transmitted to the daughter through communication and he is not aware of it. Perhaps in the future it will be the same stoop-shouldered, with uncertain gait and a view of the "afraid to look" at other people.

the Article can cause anger and that's okay! And I want to write the following: this is an article about how to make our children a little more happy than themselves. I hope the right people will hear it and take in his piggy Bank to communicate with your child.

With respect, Love Ozhiganova.

Ozhiganova Love
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