Create a mindset for harmony today


soon the New year is a time to set new goals and define new dreams, desires, aspirations. I'm sure many with the beginning of the new year comes up the idea: "Everything start a new life - I'll straineth".

But why wait another two weeks when you can begin your journey to slim today?

I will share some tricks that will help you on your way:

1. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight? How to change your life after achieving the cherished numbers? List all the points. Important! To write is not in the phone/computer, and a pen on a sheet of paper. It's just the job will allow you to understand what you bring to determine your motivation.

2. Make a plan: list how many pounds you want to lose and in what timeframe, and what steps you will take. Remember: fast. does not mean effective and long-term. Set realistic goals (3-5 kg per month is realistic, 15 kg - not really)

3. Choose a day when you start to implement the plan: buy the necessary products, food containers, audits in the fridge. It is optimal to start immediately until the fuse is inside you has not gone out. The longer you postpone, the more chances that you will not start. So do not postpone indefinitely. Decided straineth - proceed.

4. Make a food diary and record eaten, their emotions before and after eating, in what situations did you eat. This will develop awareness, learn to separate hunger from appetite

5. Enjoy your food: don't eat what you do not like. In the store you can always find an alternative. Remember, as a child was forced to eat porridge with lumps/ jelly drink/ eat fish, although you don't like it? Now you are free to determine what you have and what is not. You are responsible for your own food: don't like to eat buckwheat - eat bulgur or other grains.

6. Try to eat slowly, without distraction by extraneous stimuli, not head in the clouds. Imagine that the room is just you and the food. This will help to get enough much smaller portions

7. Compare benefits: what you get from eating a cake? And not eating? That choose health or a cake? Experience all the benefits of choosing a new way of life.

8. Prepare alternative options: if you eat under the influence of emotions, make a list of things distract you, develop a system of rewards not related to food.

9. Be prepared for setbacks - you begin to change your behavior, your way of life. And maybe the internal resistance, setback, breakdown. It is important to understand that it is normal that this can happen and not to panic. Failure is an experience, it is possible to analyze what went wrong, what can I change to prevent it.

Almost the program on lifestyle changes was written - take it and do it called:)

And if you need a side view, support on your way to slimming is to schedule a consultation, you can here.

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