What do we know about him?
To not dream in vain, let us turn to Wikipedia: a condition in which the existing means of achieving goals become inadequate.

the Crisis can be financial, personal, spiritual and even bodily. But the real crisis is usually babakhan from all these walks of life!

a Crisis is an emotional state in which there is a desire to live (unlike true depression), but the past understanding of life nothing more it doesn't explain!

there are new events, which only proves that the person is no longer able to understand anything, to deal with my life, to be effective and does not accumulate negativity.

How to help yourself in crisis?
Sometimes we are so stunned by the lack of understanding that only outside assistance helps to untangle all the threads of events and most importantly to connect in person with the core of your intuition.
Man hard enough to be open, people prefer to "be strong" and "hold it inside".
I'm not against this force, but the person needs to develop to meet their talents and not wasting time on strengthening their borders when no wars around not conducted.
What is the result? Inside the scorched desert, once the crisis entered its critical phase, one tries, "keeping it to himself," from the outside like a snowball growing challenges.⠀

And here comes her Majesty PSYCHOSOMATICS. The body chooses the target organ (where thin - it breaks) - heart, lungs, endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, vegetation - and hits it.  Has systematically.
Terrified, the man begins to run to the doctors to be treated, listen to yourself hypochondria takes a last effort. But not solved the psychological problems that led to the crisis - do not give him resolve. And treatment has no effect.⠀

the Crisis has on all areas - career, family (we all know how men love to get a divorce, experiencing a PERSONAL crisis), relationships, health, position in society, success and finally the financial well-being.

do Not wait until the crisis will transform your life into ashes!
My method for RAINSUIT helps to overcome the periods of crisis, to discover new talents and the opportunity to start a whole new life after a crisis!

psychologist Elena Masicka
instagram @psiholog_machitskaya

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