What is a crisis, you must know all. For those who were once lucky to survive the 90's - huge queues for a stick of sausage and a pack of cigarettes coupons; for some it is- collapsed "safe" and stable, how long it seemed a profitable business; or divorce from husband or wife, who (which) once sincerely and fervently loved or loved; perhaps a sudden illness, perecherknuty all previously constructed plans, and so on. etc.

for all its different as it seems at first glance, the manifestations, here is one thing that they all share: these are all descriptions of external events. And, if you do not consider them deeper, then you can stay with the belief that there is nothing we can do and we are completely independent.

In fact, right here, only the last(does not depend on us...), but with "nothing to do..." to agree just not worth it. And to look deeper than just vital because only then manages to do really a lot.

For training and assistance to therapy rely usually when the "bad", when "cornered", and the crisis is already in motion.

Not often people think to go to training for the development and meditation, when all is well.

-why? We (me) all right now - enough money, at me the wife (husband) who (which) I was generally happy, growing child (children)... What else do you need? Why in this case go for "development"? - the Usual answer , more often than men that have externally stable well-being.

I took "stable" in quotation marks, and here's why: any psychologist knows that the crisis, like death –destiny for each of us. Only a matter of time when it happens. And "sustainable well-being" phenomenon has always illusory just because they want to "believe in good" ..

the Crisis can not be avoided, it is all 100 will happen in each of our lives and not just once...

the Crisis can not be avoided because it is a natural process of our inner growth. This is due to the laws of Soul and spirit, our deep foundations that we have no control. To avoid a crisis, it cannot be altered in the same way as to cancel the death, ageing, maturity, development and other laws of the great Peace.

the only Question is, how we live and how we can manage this process.

  1. the Crisis can be predicted and, therefore, prepare for it, too.

this psychology and astrology to help us. It is warned, means, and arm can. To hope that the crisis will pass you –so stupid as to hope that will never come winter in Siberia, or will not go the shower in the rainy season in India.

Studying psychology and consulting astrologer, in anticipation of the impending difficult periods of your life, they can be prepared for.

Permanent common points of crises -15-30-45-60 years. no exceptions. But, besides these, there are also individual periods is also important.

  • the crisis can be prepared. And if he is in the move and everything collapses around a substantially smooth its manifestations.
  • the Crisis is always originates in ourselves, and creates a potential internal stress. When the Soul, Spirit, needs to change and there is an intensive growth, and external (the environment, but more is our attitude, our character qualities, personality traits) that do not match.

    If the person before the crisis lived only in the external world and does not know what meditation is all tension is transferred in and out of the devastation there.

    At this time, absolutely useless to try to fix something around you – to take a new Bank loan to stabilise the business; to find a replacement wife or husband, to leave urgently to India or Thailand to escape...

    Voltage of crisis this does not change, and we deceive ourselves with seemingly changes.

    the Crisis should reside.

  • Crisis – this time in order to stay within their conditions of interpretation, feelings - whatever they are uncomfortable.
  • External activities should be a minimum. And inside – better to take the time to do "final" conclusions (divorce, redundancy or moving) and make some decisions. The last is good when the state of equilibrium, and the mind is clear.

    crises Usually take time (sometimes 2-3 or more years), so the changes took place and conclusions were formed slowly.

    do Not be afraid of the figures – good and deep things are not done bistro)

  • Tool to prepare for the crisis or to mitigate its manifestations is meditation.
  • Meditation is the focusing within. This observation, study and, if you with this well understood-management.

    Why? They say that our body recovers best during sleep. However, if you are overexcited and sleep is restless, and it is almost impossible.

    meditation is a conscious volitional direction of attention inward and settle external give with sufficient experience almost a similar effect.

    In the dream and in meditation the body, mind, TV –relax. And due to this between our internal parts in them recovering the interrupted voltage of the connection.

    In this regard, our parts(bodies, and the psychological fragments) can better share energy and create due to this condition of internal balance. It fills the void, ready to open (the new face of the Soul, the spirit within) and diffuses the tension of the crisis.

    In meditation you are conscious. So can a lot of on yourself to know and mash the inside too.

  • Regularly and "preventative" ongoing meditation, when the crisis is still far enough away and "still well and happy," form an important skill is the ability of this internal relaxation and identify those contacts most of our "parts" that are included at the beginning of the formation of the crisis stress and not allow the latter to rise to a destructive level.
  • a Good indicator of inner work lies in the fact that during the crisis of stress in your outer life almost nothing changes. This means that the full potential for the internal growth of your Soul and spirit.
  • Meditation in a group format training is always several orders of magnitude more effective both during the crisis and in the period of formation of internal skills transformation out of crisis, as the group creates the effect of mutually reinforcing processes of internal growth and development that formed the energy crisis.
  • This allows you to name the group in the form of meditation(provided there is sufficient coherence of the group) one of the most effective or perhaps the most effective of all known.

    in Concluding this article, I want to remind you that the Road of our Life is rarely smooth and only smooth. "If I knew where to fall, they said, would podstelil straw".

    In our time knowledge is sufficient to build this Road map and identify difficult sections.

    And the "straw" that the fall was soft, meditation –is also available.

    but those who know Themselves through meditation and group, and "fall" may not pridetsya)

    good Luck on your Journey!

    Ostrikov Peter
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