Crisis and Rebirth

there was a Crisis. Funny guy. Well-educated. Free. Reckless. Loved to show off. Loved the extreme. A bit cynical and ironic, with high self-esteem, but overall not bad. Outwardly, he stood out from the crowd: tall in stature, with broad shoulders, with bright red disheveled hair, slightly slanted and slightly amused blue eyes. One word – cute. Dressed not gaudy, but tasteful. Went sweeping, very fast. Sometimes so fast that others were abduwali wind. The crisis was a successful young man: he rapidly went up the hill, career, communication was not a problem – friends and acquaintances galore. Money loved him. Women liked him – though not handsome were, but they saw in it a special charisma and magnetism. Crisis loved to travel around the world and discover the most secret corners of it. Lived with taste, get pleasure from my life and from time-to-time, all he had was like clockwork.

And one day, that's what happened. Did not expect the Crisis of this himself, but in his life happened the most real crisis. And not just any age. Happened to a real existential crisis. And this was due to the fact that the Crisis was in love! For the first time and really! And there would be nothing in this fact is so unusual, if this love was mutual. But the fact of the matter that his love was unrequited. And that only did the Crisis to win his girlfriend's heart, it was useless. It just wasn't her type. Nights Crisis sang songs under her window. Day met her after work with a huge bouquets of roses. Wrote fiery letters, saying nice words, doing expensive gifts – all to no avail! The girl simply did not notice. Didn't want to see. Is not considered necessary. Not accept gifts, do not read the letters. Closed the window so that his romances do not interfere with her sleep. And continued to live happily ever after.

And the Crisis of lost sleep. Yes, that's the dream! The crisis of the meaning of life is lost! Lost their self-esteem, values and confidence. And think then the Crisis – what not to like the girl in it? And seriously engaged in introspection. And I suddenly realized that it is not so good as used to think about myself. The crisis realized that he was selfish – he never thinks about other people, but mostly only about themselves, about their pleasure and self-affirmation. The crisis realized that often he is cruel and destructive. He suddenly saw that never thinks about the consequences and always puts a priority on immediate benefits. And then decided the Crisis to change. And decided that from now on will live for others – give people new opportunities, to open new stages of life, to help them in their personal and social evolution, spiritual growth and material welfare. And don't just decide because of the Crisis, he began to act – he began to help people to see other ordinary phenomena, to discover unexpected opportunities, to give power for spiritual growth and new ideas for earning wealth by their labor. So, unbeknownst to him, the life of a Crisis has changed, it has become the right people. And people began to see him as a new resource.

And one day, the girl was in love with the Crisis, drew attention to it. She surprised herself, how could she take so long to notice such an interesting guy. They met. The girl's name was Hope. They are inseparable still, and so go through life hand in hand. But a Crisis came up with his second name is the Revival, and it liked him more and more. The new name reflects all the best that the Crisis was hidden in before. It reflected the possibility of change, spiritual growth, new life. Crisis understood that now is his best side.

Denisova Anna
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