"the crisis and the Sense of uncertainty"

the Crisis - a phenomenon ambiguous, disturbing, exciting, energy-consuming and very, very scary. 
But! Most importantly, in my opinion, that the man who met the crisis is on its own path of development. The way of the world: everything changes, starts and at some point everyone ends. 
by Accepting this situation, following him, a person develops. But this is only by choice! The crisis can be ignored, why not? This, however, has its price: possibly boredom, possibly disease, and the lack of internal growth. 
What to choose disturbing uncertainty or boring dalmaso life? I Think you can give yourself time.. 
And I'll tell you about the benefits of a stay in a strange state "do-not-clear-what-it-do". 
Use time: the longer a man can bear the uncertainty, the more force it acquires. For each it's probably some special kind of power. For me it is important to know that any time I can handle any situation resolved. On this experience you can build on in the future, for life.. 
Use two: a State of uncertainty - is a kind of voltage that itself and encourages people to change. The discomfort that it brings makes the search for a solution, trying new things, actively going forward. 
How to simplify your life in such complex period? It is important to remember that the absolute model of happiness for every person in reality is missing. As "good" and "right" are different and find "their" great value and decent work. It is worth remembering that the emerging issues for which there is no decision yet - a sign of his own psychological growth.. And may be this is more important, more useful than tranquility and stability? The crisis is raging vitality, and forever stable and clear is only place where life went on.

Hard feelings during the crisis. 

Staying in a difficult situation and sustaining the experiences associated with a complete lack of understanding of the future, one is confronted with different senses.
Easy to experience shame and guilt. 
A "logical" to decide if were in a crisis - so in the past made a mistake. In fact, few people are logical beings and for the most part we make decisions based on their desires and not logic.. It's like a bar of chocolate, actually harmful, but I want to.. So what is bad in changing desires and needs? This is just another marker of personal growth. 
During the crisis, it is difficult to quickly change. Due to impotence, people tend to be angry, and rightly so. People in crisis often angry at himself, for peace, for parents. Anger searches the vector for output. It is important in these times to understand where, in fact, directed that feeling. And we ourselves, our mom, dad, before, really, otherwise how could? "the Man always takes the best decision at the moment". - Said Freud
When I "released" thoughts and allow yourself now just do not know happened to me the most interesting events I started to dream. The dream turned into a plan.
It's heart, the subconscious already knows the right decision - just stop turn off his internal recriminations and too high demands on yourself. 

How to make a decision and keep the crisis? 

During the crisis, difficult to make a decision relying on the mind. It is tempting to just select "first available" just to get rid of anxiety. This trap, this choice is unlikely to bring joy in the aftermath. The same feelings of discomfort will return soon enough.
For myself, I already know when I want to compromise, while experiencing strong internal resistance - are clearly not there. 
the decision that will bring me my heart lighter.
a Great help here are the physical sensations. Internal and external strongly linked. It is important to listen to yourself. How does the body when a particular thought? 
I stick to the idea that important decisions should be taken in good physical condition. Phrases like "not worry" "rest" have meaning. The decision while poor health can have a greater aim to satisfy completely different needs, not to solve the main problem. 
In difficult times, well, if there are people ready to support, to listen or just to be near. Relationship is an important part of life. In times of change themselves can serve as a good basis. It so happens that a close loving people too much is lost. It can be hard when you don't understand what the other wants and how to help him. And happens and so that man is alone. 
In any case, a stable relationship with a psychotherapist, is a place where acceptance, respect any decision can alleviate the crisis to become a pillar that is missing in life. Supporting the self-consciousness of man, thus the therapist helps to make a decision without the advice and judgments about the correctness of the choice.

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