Crisis – this is an amazing resource for life, which opens up tremendous opportunities to move forward.

in a crisis, the person is given time to rethink their life. This is where you want to stop, to slow down and review your setting to life, to reconsider their values, their guidelines. The crisis – this is both and ending, ending and new beginning. Starting point with new opportunities.

during the crisis the person feels sadness, grief, bitterness, anger, apathy maybe. And these feelings is very necessary. Most importantly give yourself the opportunity to live them consciously.

Sadness given the opportunity to say goodbye to those that leaves. To say thank-you opportunities that were. To say thankyou to their surroundings, which is likely to be left behind. To say words of gratitude to your activities. And then the person can take in the pain of parting, the pain of farewell. However, it is very necessary because we all have our own problems of development, and who knows what will be ahead, it is likely that after some time there will be another meeting, more enjoyable, and the resource opens the vision of what can be done and how to do it. The main thing to remember – all the time.

Bitterness – reserved words, withholding affection, withholding the pain. All of this together asks a person to let out what he wants freedom. The deflation can occur in the form of tears, may be in the form of words, a scream, or maybe just through breathing (inhalation and exhalation). The main condition to do everything consciously. Knowing that when you cry or cry free themselves from the shackles. And as they say, let the world wait until there is a release.

Anger and irritation – it is also a resource, the resource in which quite a lot of energy to learn new things, do things, learn their capabilities and new facets of yourself. Anger – this is the point which says to man that you can buy for yourself something valuable and you still resist, they just feel the fear of movement. Because sometimes people have the illusion that stability – that's good. Maybe, but it's a bog and swamp. It's like a squirrel in a wheel and moving in a circle. The message of anger – came the opportunity to acquire new skills for life and to get acquainted with you.

How to live the feelings that are there during the crisis.

1.To turn to himself, to his bodily sensations and ask yourself the question where in the body is to be this feeling.

2.When the detection of the feelings, smile and thank myself that I can still feel and sense. So still alive and continue to live. After life – this is a very valuable resource.

3.Ask yourself what do I want to place this feeling that's. And how can live. Ways lot. The most effective – it is a way of living of feelings through the body (Creek; movement; dance; drawing; walking; tears; laughter; maybe to prove something to someone, and can just up and write an amazing story, to tell a story that is to be useful to the world). The main condition-to do consciously.

4.To make a nice. To thank for that. Can eat the sweetness, or maybe just to lie down on the grass and watch the blue sky and be filled with what gives life, sun, wind, blue skies, singing birds.

When people completed the process to stay hard feelings, this, the vacant place will come a different kind of feelings - joy, happiness, lightness and deepest gratitude to family and friends, to enemies, to rivals, to the world in its greatest beauty and nobility, to the world, for his face which is very very versatile.

And then the process of acquisition of new skills, new friends, goals, aspirations. And now began a new period to the new crisis with new capabilities.

message to the person in the process of crisis – the message says that you have to go. If this message is not to take it on faith, people can become depressed, in which feelings are starting to merge into each other and the process of recovery much harder and longer. We should understand that nothing happens in vain and maybe depression – this is the task in which you can know yourself deeply. Who knows! If it is, then this is the place and opportunity, and power. All the best.

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