Criteria of alcohol dependence


new year's eve is traditionally associated with the chimes and champagne glasses. But rarely limited to one champagne and one new year's night. The celebration develops into a series of feasts and copious consumption of alcohol. There is still Christmas and Old New year, and I would like to discuss the issue of alcohol addiction, thesis.

I'm not psychiatrist, but a psychologist is obliged to know the basic things about what is alcoholism and how is it different from ordinary alcohol.

Alcoholism is a progressive incurable disease characterized by addiction to alcohol (ethyl alcohol) from a psychological and physical dependence on it. the
relatives Often overestimate the ability to control dependent on the craving for alcohol. It is a mistake to patients with alcoholism, you cannot make demands as healthy people, they need help. br>
How to distinguish alcohol dependence from normal use? Must have at least 3 of the following symptoms that occurred during the year:

1. You feel a strong, uncontrollable craving for alcohol.
2. You lose control over use (number or time). Was going to get a couple of drinks, had a couple of bottles. Or wanted to limit night, came home the next day.
3. You are experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sweating, and tremor, which occurs a few hours after the last consumed dose of alcohol.
4. You have increased resistance to the action of alcohol. You have to increase the dose and strength of the beverage to achieve the desired effect.
5. You have narrowed the range of alternative interests in favor of alcoholism. Stops professional development, reduced social activity, lost interest in other forms of leisure. In other words simplified behavior.
6. You continue alcohol use despite the obvious harmful consequences.

a Diagnosis can only ask the doctor-psychiatrist. But if you counted at least 3 criteria, it is a reason to go to the doctor. Hope for someone this information will be useful.

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