criteria of harmonious couple


Many people are asking the following question: "But is all well in my relationship?" 

Accordingly, there is a concern in the selection of criteria "perfect". Of course, creating and maintaining the perfect relationship is almost impossible. Still, it is important to work on them,although the key criterion is the satisfaction of your partner and you in them. But if you generalize all the indicators of a harmonious pair, are described in the psychotherapy literature, we can highlight the following...

1.Mutual interest of the partners to each other

Appears in:

sympathy, the interest, the warm feelings of love, love for partner

-physical interest, sex appeal and attraction to the partner

the interest in the inner world and personality partner


2.Mutual respect and acceptance

Appears in:

respect the feelings of a partner, the recognition of his feelings.

-respect and acceptance of physical habits, addictions.

-acceptance and respect of the individuality of a partner, his personal identity, Hobbies, interests, Hobbies

-acceptance and respect of family, friends, partner

-acceptance and respect of personal freedom, personal time, and personal boundaries of each of the partners


3.Mutual trust

Appears in:

-openness in communication

-the desire to share what is happening in life.

trust relationships

the lack of increased control, prohibitions, invasion of personal space

-the absence of increased jealousy


4.The existence of a common interest, business or points of contact

Appears in:

-the mutual desire to share what is happening in life.

-the presence of shared topics for discussion, shared interests

-there is a common point of contact for General Affairs

5.A mutual desire to reach agreement when differences of points of view

Manifested in:

-taking the perspective of the partner

-the desire to go to the dialog

-use a respectful style of challenging different points of view

-combines the search for solutions

-the desire to find a compromise in difficult situations

6.The presence of joint plans for the future

Appears in:

-mutual awareness of own intentions and plans for the future

-the desire to share expectations, dreams, a willingness to discuss a future together

is joint planning important future events

-clarify the contribution of each in the implementation of shared plans

7.The mutual feeling of comfort beside your partner

Appears in:

-the feeling of personal comfort beside your partner, a stable sense: “we have a good time together”, “I am with you and comfortable”

- comfortable silence next to the partner ("test of silence” - the absence of painful silence together)

8.Joint personal growth and development

Appears in:

the lack of a sense of stagnation in the relationship

-personal growth and development of partners

-the mutual support and promotion of the educational Hobbies to each other.

-the implementation of plans, hopes, personal feeling of success with next partner

Using these criteria and aspects of their forms you will be able to improve their relationship and understand the moments to work on them. Potentially failing and self-critical elements of harmony in your relationship the above figures may be a request for psychiatric consultation, you and/or your partner.

Criteria designed by my teacher, by Esaulova V. I.

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