Criticism hurts!


Criticism hurts have on!!!

How often have you caught yourself thinking that criticism in your address you it is very difficult?

How often after criticism in your address you've experienced a range of unpleasant feelings? And the next few days couldn't "digest" what I heard, everything coming back to those words in an attempt to answer differently, to reinterpret the situation to justify or prove his innocence?

How does it feel when your appearance, words, actions, creativity is subjected to critical evaluation?

🔊Yes, criticism hurts, injures, their self-esteem, and sometimes destroys!

What happens when in response to some manifestation of a person receives negative criticisms in his address? Why is it so painful and traumatic?

Now imagine, the person reveals itself in the form of his opinion/vision/creation. It is at this moment open, trusted, lifts the veil of his inner world, introduces himself to attention, and he answered negative devalues the judgment, for example: "I do not like!" or "couldn't better think of something?" or "so and three-year-old child" or "at least would not be a shame with that...". And then, depending on the strength of the criticism, this man is faced with the fact that he and his inner world doesn't like that his vision deny that it is bad. Man feels that he is not satisfied with the other, not ideal, bad and not needed. He feels crossed, irregular, impaired, not important and bad...

At this point, the trust and willingness to open up again, to Express his opinion, to create and Express themselves - is reduced or breaks down, depending on the strength of criticism he has encountered.

I Think all of us know this feeling. In one degree or another.

And sometimes, we are, unwittingly, leaving a critical word in someone's address, you can not think about how it may hurt the other...

⏩therapy, there are a painful response to criticism, depreciation and related travmatiki.

If you responds to this topic, I invite you to psychotherapy and consultation!

the Psychologist Ogneva, Julia,

tel 8-916-603-6553.

Ogneva, Julia
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