a Crying man - this is nonsense?

how Often do men cry?

Outside of psychological treatment, it seems that almost never. Only for an important reason. Or rather, socially approved: happiness - the birth of a child and the victory of your favorite team, from grief at the death of his wife, children, death of parents (for some countries, the failure of the football club).

do You really think that this is okay? What other experiences do not bother this man?

Let's not bother. However, where then do all these anxious kids,  ready to burst into tears because of broken toys and a broken ball or of the fate of the Mammoth from the movie?

Mothers of boys know that their brave sons are very emotional. Parents of boys and girls, often seen in conversation, that daughter stronger physically and, to their surprise, more staunchly trips to dentists and doctors than their brothers. Some girls are psychologically more stable than boys. When it changes?

❓At what age do men off the ability to feel deeply? Or turn on the ability to control your emotions?

❗in Any. Men not control emotions, they just learn to hide them. Men worried, but not showing. They have unstable blood pressure, heart problems, they psychosomatics and all types of -isms. And workaholism is not a successful survival strategy.

Men suffer from the betrayal of friends, worry about the children, crying out for career blunders, feel lonely in a family where they do not understand. Organize your whole life in order to please loved ones, and cry if you don't appreciate it.

But most often they suffer in silence. Most likely all alone. And I'm glad I see a trend change. Men begin to take care of themselves. Rational approach to solving difficult situations in your life. They turn to the psychologist.

my reception there are many successful men. And, you know, the first thing we learn with them: to respect their right to feeling. When shame remains others, man is able to realize that emotions are energy. Energy for life, creation and creativity.

do You still believe that crying is for the weak?

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