not Yet had time to subside disputes about the mysterious and mysterious Indigo children, and now evolutionary to pass the baton to crystal children, ready when the opportunity to hand over the Baton of Humanity the rainbow messengers.

Triad children of the New earth – Gay people – it's trial jump in time, is rapidly leading us to the climax called the galactic shift or Crystal Transformation.

What is heavenly news to bring us all these multi-dimensional beings of light, embodied in the thousands, as if hurrying not to miss the most amazing event on earth possible.

What you're trying to tell us they like piercing eyes, filled with Timeless Wisdom and mouth, not yet ready to speak about the main...

of Course that heralds a New Era is among us and this is a good sign for the planet, preparing to give birth from tangible burden, he reveals all of us an updated copy of itself.

Every fiber of the soul and fiber of our body, we feel an invisible bond with all the children, carrying the flame of Prometheus. They burn a fiery aspiration to the universal heart, beating in the depths of suffering Terra – the planet of sorrow and of purifying suffering, so long and stubbornly resisted unceremoniously, consumer and exploitative attitude of the people inhabiting it.

Therefore, nonrandom arrival of the crystal children now. They are evangelists and luminaries of the spirit, little geeks, and human angels, to prepare us for ascension in the light of the renewed existence of subtle energies.

Their mass incarnation is possible in part because of Indigo have accomplished the difficult work of changing mass consciousness, showing the intrinsic value of the individual and the fine spiritual organization, vulnerability and sensitivity to socio-cultural changes and planetary transformation.

the Indigo is essentially Shiva, the Destroyer, and disturbers of the inert calm and oppressive stability, reveals the bubbles of imaginary well-being and habitual values and norms.

Indigo is not immediately awarded all the powers of the crystal followers. Difficult bridging role in the transfer of children play-the bridges, who are now adults and unifying energy transformation with crystal energies of renewal and purification.

the owners of the Indigo and crystal energies are not rebels, like Indigo, and the worker bees preparing the hive for the coming of the crystal and spectral (rainbow) carriers of a new life.

Indigo-crystals combine the energy of the two hemispheres for a coherent picture of the worldview to provide effective help to all the rest of humanity with one dominant emotional or mental the perceiving and the knowing part of their being.

Their creative and constructive role one of the main in this transition period of time. But that's the main difficulty, so as to keep increasing light, while remaining the most grounded – a very difficult task.

Hence the imbalance in their fields to adapt to rapid changes and, accordingly, heightened emotional response and physical sensitivity, need of stabilization and alignment.

All four groups of souls: Indigo, Indigo-crystals, crystal and rainbow beings represent the four substance – matter related to the physical, etheric, emotional and mental body of a person, marking the preparation for functioning in the fifth dimension – bodhichittas or spiritual, is associated with higher self and its manifestation.

They seemed to represent the four paths of development for all humanity, transforming the mind – the mind, emotions – in the deep and innermost feelings and emotions, the physical body is an instrument of service with the unifying factor of sophistication and multidimensionality of the ether.

the Four States of matter: solid, liquid, gaseous and plasma, that the four realities existing independently, while maintaining an invisible, but tangible connection, interact in new ways, when there is awareness of their person.

Color symbolism of Indigo is not accidental. It shows not so much about auric glow and radiation, many of the properties of the ray of the soul that interacts with the beam of a person.

the energy of the rays of Indigo – the militant and freedom-loving, under the Ray of Light of Archangel Michael. Supplemented by the violet transmuting flame of Saint Germain – Hierarch of the age of Aquarius, it shines with new highlights personal qualities, Indigo-crystals.

Crystal platinum energy of the New children – the energy of pure and unconditional, all-wise and all-embracing love.

to allow this Crystal energy to spread, you need quite a bit – to help our children to remember about their role and mission to bring peace, love and harmony to all people.

I often have the opportunity to communicate with Indigo adults and crystal children, directly observing, comparing and helping to develop their abilities and talents are truly endless.

In turn, the little human angels like otzerkalivayut all that is best in our soul, gaining the necessary experience and inspiring us to grasp new creative horizons.

They seemed to prepare us to receive greater Love, already racing at the speed of light on the wings of the children of the Rainbow, a sun of man-angels in our immediate future.

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