Cure fear of public speaking. Or how vampires ate Goldilocks


Dear! There are among you those who love to be scared? This may be a strange question, but if you're watching a horror movie or listening to a scary story at camp, then be afraid very cool.


Remember what the adventure was, when in the camp "Young guard" someone from the order dismissed the rumor in an abandoned pump house lives the Grandmother with a Horse's head. We were 9-10 years old. And we all a house of 15 people decided to barricade themselves from this Grandmother. We hid under mattresses valuables and nice clothes, moved all beds, bequeathed to the Windows with blankets, huddled together, and the brave girl looked out the window from under the blankets and cried out that he saw his Grandmother. Oh, we were scared!

And then came the counselors and made us to lead the house in its usual condition, it upsets us because no Grandmother does not exist and it would soon end and it is time to brush teeth and sleep. Well, that instigator of the uproar, seems to be not found and no one was punished.

Fear and concern go together. Remember how exciting it was to listen in childhood scary stories before bedtime, and then shake under the covers and be afraid to go to the toilet - suddenly there in the dark wolf! As in school we were told stories about the black-black city, the coffin on wheels, a blur of red and green thumbs, and in the end the narrator suddenly shouted "Give your serdze!"

All terrible interestbut. To films horror heroes Woptional going see to bloodthirsty do'er, that then killing their at ocherdi, and leftsmiling all is going seeRET to monster even lifeno.

Curious Barbara to the market nose off. Price nose price lifenot people ready going theYes, where interasno. That from and way overcome fear to do terrible interesting, TogoYes, there impulse to go and DEPt, that there for borderth horror and panic.

EUif show upis interest to to that frighten, TogoYes, fear becomes resource driving by force.

for examplemeasures EUif you afraid to speak to PUthe highlight, at you at one idea about it knocksXia breath and cold hands. And if to be the center of attention, that voice becomes a stranger, hands shaking, knees trembling, throws in his mouth, scared going to sound dumb , ridiculous joke - because everyone will see. Shame! Nightmare! Disgrace! - they saw you afraid, it means you are a coward, loser and a laughingstock.

Many it is the fear that people will see how scared they are, avoid public speaking.

RAs close to you - theme - I'll tell you a scary story about a girl Masha , who was afraid to go to the Board.

there was a girl Mashenka. She loved the Lollipop, tales of the Fairy, sparkly stickers, and a trampoline. She studied in the 3rd grade, all it has turned out, but when it was necessary to meet the Board - it started to shake shiver, legs gave way, forgotten all the letters and numbers.

One day she is still called to the blackboard , she went out. And once the class turned into vampires and monsters. They sparkled eyes, klatsat teeth, sputter, growled, pulled her legs and wanted to eat. They all point at her and hissed: "we Sidecases you cssedit!!" Goldilocks got scared even more, there the large vampire jumped to the Board, pushed Masha and began to drink her blood. Mary was screaming, kicking, and the rest of the vampires sneered, growled, tearing her apart until I ate at all.

Then, the alarm rang. Mary woke up. "uh, thank God, it's a dream!" thought the woman of thirty years, stretching sweetly. Husband took her to school, she worked as a teacher of mathematics . Maria VasileVNA looked in the class: "Hooray! Then my rabid disciples , and vampires do not exist!" came her thought and she for the first time quietly spent the lesson. Mariya knew that no matter what happens, she will survive, because children are not vampires, and teachers and even the Director - not vampires, but just sometimes skillfully pretend.

EUif you scared to speak in public- compose the tale about your fear, even if you have adult people. Imagine telling this tale night roommates at camp or friends in the yard. The tale needs to be exaggerated to grotesque, then you will see the contrast of your fear in your thoughts with real events, which are waiting for you on stage.

I believe that you will succeed!

Your Elena chebykina.

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