we, women, as it happens...

before we fall in love with the fucking, these extraordinary men - the best of the best, of course.

Love them what is strength.

desperately want for them to marry (at worst just live with them happily ever after as possible).

But... something prevents this. The obstacles is a prerequisite of the will to marry. Otherwise there is nothing to overcome.

And that's often one of the strongest obstacles to "married" is... here is the most masculine singularity. Their ahrenenno. Their luchshest. Yes! What took the bait. What fascinated and endured us to the "roof" yesterday.

And what do we do then? We are in despair we ask-we beg-demand: "why be like everyone else! Well, for a while, not really! Well, pretend! Well, for me!!!" ... Explicitly or implicitly, wittingly or unwittingly, the long and the short of it.... we pereceive them.

And you know what? Very often they are... to redraw. Love's...

Only a paradox: they are, we have also redrawn, such "all" such "as we wanted"! - do not need to...

We immediately see that, after a certain number of minutes, hours, days, or years (underline). But realizing, cease to love, lose interest, moving away and leaving, writing (as in the famous film about Baron Munchausen): "Honey, I'm sorry... I all this OS-cher-the-lo..."

I Think this is a rare scenario in the relationship of couples? Alas, no...

And well, when (not as in the movie, but more painful, more difficult, but somewhat easier) two manages to save love. It's great when at least one of the partners suddenly turns out not to demand the impossible from the other, when it is possible to learn not to remake a beloved (and already great shit!) and just accept it for what it is.

And then... then the impossible suddenly happens. Impossible fits close and blooms in all its fullness - fucking, extraordinary, best of the best.

Because it becomes just Himself.

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Kotova Natalia
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