Each of us once in life have experienced the difficulty in making a certain important decision or choice in this situation. This can be: choosing a life partner, self-determination, the choice of country of residence, choice of treatment and so on.

the decision is difficult and not always quickly. Intertwined feelings, emotions, different life circumstances, attitudes, stereotypes. Choice can cause feelings such as: sadness, sadness, sadness, despair, confusion, anxiety, doubt, fear, confusion, etc.

What holds us back in making decisions:

  • concern for the correctness of the choice and future;
  • fear of discrepancy to someone's standards and expectations;
  • not wanting to be on the border with their pain and negative feelings;
  • and the most important thing is responsibility for your choice. We don't want to take it, because if something goes wrong, the blame, we'll not be anyone...only himself.

And how we often do:

  • we're accelerating in terms of decision-making. It seems to us that the choice is "heavy burden" and I want to reset it rather thereby to escape from feelings and emotions (often traumatic for us).
  • we are sharing with friends your thoughts and feelings, waiting for them to take, help and advice, partly shifting the responsibility for decision-making.

In my opinion, the following recommendations may be helpful:

  • to make the decision. It is important to think, to analyze and to realize his position. And if we don't give ourselves time, decisions can be impulsive and rash;
  • may help support your own feelings. Stay a while alone with your feelings and emotions. This should be a support not on momentary emotions (joy, anger, fright, etc.), and the deep feelings that live within each of us. This will help you to understand what is important and meaningful for you;
  • in moments of decision-making try to slow down and think positively, don't push yourself. Don't force yourself to make a decision. Don't rush yourself and let yourself in a relaxed state a bit to look at the situation to think about;
  • you may have doubts. They occur if a decision is made under pressure(internal or external). If decision endured and matured internally, doubts and remorse arise. Well, if you are still hesitating, then there is an internal vanity and the desire to find the "right" decision and do it as soon as possible. In this state, any choice will be wrong. The decision will always be to stretch the plume of the doubt;
  • in any choice, any decision, one way or another, have something to give. There is something important and valuable than is necessary to sacrifice, by choosing a particular alternative. It should be ready. In order to survive the victim is less traumatic, you need to approach it with the realization that you are losing. When you clearly understand what you are giving up, then it's easier to survive the effects of such decision;
  • don't be afraid to take responsibility for their actions, as this is your life and it is about you;
  • Remember: there is no right or wrong decision! What you are doing or choose "here and now" important and significant for you at this time. Don't be afraid to make mistakes is experience, your experience!
Egorova Irina
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