Dedicated to my students: how to do the final work


Dear participants!

You have a serious but interesting work on themselves and their project. More than 10 years I teach at a business school. During this time, passed through me a few thousand students, and I always see the same generic error. First of all the psychological plan. Below I have prepared for you recommendations, compliance with which will save you a lot of energy and resources.

the Recommendations are well linked in the model that one of my teachers called "4X4" (Ph. D. Ponomarev O. B.). The model is universal and lies in the fact that the success of any event is proper management of key resources through personal effort. Personally, it reminds me of the Cheetah as the fastest and precise animal on the planet.

Personal power

No. 1. Accuracy

a Survey of successful local entrepreneurs showed that the main personal strength is Accuracy. It is necessary not only to shoot a lot and accurately. The bull's-eye. So use the exact wording in the subject work, follow exactly the structure of the work and hand over job in time!

No. 2. Will power

Will - is the highest level of voluntary regulation of your activities, providing overcoming challenges to achieve the goal. Dominant, is the desire to make and deadline final paper. Move through stages every day, filling the work with new meanings. Don't leave everything to the last moment. Build willpower as a habit.

No. 3. Curiosity.

Curiosity stimulates not only be limited to the recommended list of literature and listened to lectures but also to seek new sources, to study them, to build new hypothesis and to implement changes. Expand your horizons and discover new ideas.

No. 4 Liability

Responsibility is the ability to account for their actions, not blaming different factors. You can get sick, give birth, change jobs or start up their own business. But in spite of all obstacles, the final work should be done efficiently and deliver on time.

General resources

No. 1. Time

a Survey of the most successful Russian entrepreneurs showed that the main resource is Time. Learn how to properly allocate and use. The final work will never be perfect. Take her when the time came back and you realized you did everything you could. Practice and learn time management.

No. 2. People

the final work you can attract other men. Create a team of like-minded people. Conduct brainstorming sessions, surveys, and draw conclusions. Become a team leader and prepare a worthwhile project, for which not ashamed.

No. 3. Technology

Use modern technology and software. To master professional programs Power Point, Word, Excel, and Mind maps. Delve into such analysis tools like SWOT, PEST and SMART. These tools will allow you to become much more efficient and more productive.

No. 4. Finance

Learn to manage your finances. Control financial flows, set goals. Count economic efficiency changes using the recommended financial model. This is the most important part of your job!

I wish you success and wonderful final work, which will delight even the most boring and bad Professor!

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