delicate girl in the iron lady.

About the girl. They say girls are born from a calm, loving parents. Can't say----no studies. Girls are more sensitive to the inner world, which begins to develop it. About the boys and their difficult childhood, bad behavior, and what to do about it, written mountains of psychological literature. And even writers often turned their attention to a spontaneous and worthy of their interest in the development of the boy.
what about the girls write a little. Just today I saw a cute text to girls over 40. And material about them is still not enough. Only in the 20th century, Boris Pasternak has written a heartfelt novel about a girl with an analysis of its sensitivity. “Childhood Grommet”. He wrote, how often the girl needs support and understanding, but she did not give a time, and then when she did start to pry. That is very often a girl gets a psychological trauma in itself, and no one even notices.
And now the same. Psychological trauma accumulate in the unconscious. I tell you a secret men if you ever hit a girl, woman, unconsciously she will be scarred for life, but won't admit it. Only the behavior is changed, all different, and you'll understand why.
each recruited a huge amount of psychological trauma. Each of them lives and somehow cope or not. All teaching---how to relieve stress, how to improve their condition---often very superficial. Changes do not affect the underlying problems. And the parents who brought the children to the reception, prevent deep work as soon as you feel your part of the blame.
teenage girl. She understands life. And it broke where it was more of weakness and pain. With a teenager female, it is not necessary to speak the imperative or rude. It is then for life; relationships are so broken that their is no correct. The girl-girl it is important to talk in a friendly way, honestly, like an adult, not forgetting its high sensitivity. If the girl were given affection and attention---she looks for it on the side. And if the family really bad, she wants only one thing----more likely to marry at least for someone, just to get away from this hell. Hence early marriages, early sexual activity and pregnancy. And still gaining trend of hatred for the unborn and born babies. The absence of motherhood, basic compassion. And we gave it to them? Taught? I often met girls-babies who were not given dolls and taught to handle them. I hope you understand why we need dolls to the girls?
About the girl. She considers herself an adult. Everybody likes it. Many covet. Rape----weight. Accounting in the country is not conducted. To come women of all ages, almost every woman was raped. Note, not all take into account. A girl loses her head desperately, unable to understand what she needs and what she needs and repeats the fate of the mother.
Woman. Live with unloved husband often. Tolerate this life. If more or less---not bad. If it is very hard--falls into a disease. really happy and satisfied with life a bit. Begins to understand life in all its glory at the age of 40 to 50 years and beyond. And thank God that she has enough strength and optimism. And it's great that there are wonderful friends.
And those of early pain and trauma has not disappeared.
the words of the Director Stanislav Govorukhin “Bless the woman”.
I, clinical psychologist, counseling in difficult, crisis situations. Work gently and carefully. Contact. Messenger, Facebook, Skype, you.
sincerely Ekaterina.

Gruzinova Catherine
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