Not so long ago I was posting my articles on Zen Yandex. And sometimes, reading other materials.

since high school, I interested in biographies of famous personalities, themes in literature, painting.

I will Say that the really good materials for these subjects is not enough. But it's there. Basically a running wave with a straight face and search gossip that would blacken the hated author of the character.

This author is a lady who creates for himself the popularity of the name Natalia Nikolaevna Pushkina – Lanskaya.

Object for gaining their quite questionable, but the glory, the lady chose well. Five points to her for that!

Around wife Pushkina still does not abate the heap of gossip. Opinion of Natalia Nikolaevna diametrically opposite: for someone of her idolized, and someone thinks the cause of death of a genius, a slut and a stupid woman.

of Course, finding the good in a person quickly the glory of the earth. Yes, and not every woman can relate to Ms. Pushkina, first beauty, no jealousy.

And here the author of the channel has adopted the way to glory know-it-alls carrying the nonsense.

What is the study of the diverse facts? Their correlation? Impartial investigation? Something?! Collected base of gossip lady, played in historicanada, gives a portrait of Natalya Nikolaevna in all its glory: she is not beautiful at all, but just a nice little cross-eyed (even Karl Bryullov refused to draw it, calling cross-eyed!). Muddy, the hostess is terrible (some unknown poet stated), mother bad. Mistress no, not Dantes (my thoughts: as if this fact proved), and the Emperor Nicholas I, and the daughter of her king. For Pushkin came for the benefit, and not for love, because the girls had stayed. Stupid as the Siberian valenok. Even to blame. In the death of Pushkin in particular.

And then all of society - the blind, called the cross-eyed girl – the first beauty. And description of other famous people Natalia Nikolaevna doesn't matter, its a statement of grace, of naturalness, soft combination of kindness and aristocratic tone. But Pushkin and Nicholas I, who had a crush on Natalie and supported her after the death of Pushkin, two idiots who loved a cross-eyed fool round.

And no matter what Natalia Goncharova received in childhood a good education.

And suddenly, apparently, fabulously rich, so best to get married.

Natalia is so materialistic that she lived for seven years alone with children away from the light, not married, rejecting advantageous offers of marriage.

Then she married a poor humble Peter Petrovich Lansky, but a man of high honor and morality. Raised my kids and husband, and grandchildren, and nephews, Sliva a family man.

And a letter to Natalia Nikolaevna Lansky to show love, respect, good taste. Is not there stupidity, which is so dear to those who hates the wife of Pushkin, for unknown reasons.

Pushkin himself, it does not matter as completely acknowledged before the death of the innocent wife, what his friends were witnesses.

Oh, now it is fashionable to pick up the cleverness, cheap phrases, out of context words, pomusolit gossip, to pour dirt on the head of someone to whom you still grow and grow... And to declare themselves an expert! Pompous connoisseur of carrying nonsense confident.

And this, unfortunately, happens in all spheres of our society.

But especially the spirit penetrated into psychology. Now psychologists fancy themselves very much! Read books, articles, like several questionable training, finished two-month courses. And truncated. I'm the bearer of truth. I know essence. Know how. Broadcast.

I Remember that in one of the kindergartens psychologist was the former head. I asked the speech therapist the institution: "How is it working with children?", on what received the answer: "Oh, and what is there to work as a psychologist. There are so many books. Revered them. And play, please."

So that's it?! And we are here with fellow professionals who have long been in a profession that they are studying, looking for new ways, forming our worldview, we draw conclusions, we draw attention to the subtleties and uniqueness of each person. We believe that it is impossible to know everything and thirst for further professional development.

the know-it-all – falsdmitry the world more simple: they all know they have finished tracing and now they have all their knowledge will enrich.

But as they say: "God of God, and to Caesar what is Caesar's".

Readers are also encouraged to be critical of written material, to be able to analyze, to develop their worldview, not to get caught in the dangerous network falsdmitry and not to ruin her life. And not to hate those who unfairly slandered.

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