In this article I will tell you about one experiment that showed my Professor in social psychology at one of his lectures. It may hold every one of you independently.

This experiment demonstrates how strongly our emotions, feelings, joy or negative emotions depends on our expectations and attitude.

so, the teacher called a volunteer to the Department and asked the student what, in his opinion, depends on his attitude towards life, joy and satisfaction with life, and believes that the world around reflects only his own expectations.

the Student talked a lot about the circumstances that affect his life.

Then the teacher asked the student to concentrate, to find and count all things BLUE in the audience

the Student did it.

Then the teacher asked the student to close their eyes.....And...... to say how many RED objects.

the Student said he knew that in the audience there are items in red. But he didn't notice them because the job was looking for things blue, and a lot of them.

Then the teacher asked them to open the student's eyes and see how many in the audience of red objects.

It was true! The student expressed his surprise, how could you not remember such a large number of items in bright red colour. They first caught the eye in a fairly pale palette of the University.

the Student, of course, had an explanation for what happened. He said that he didn't notice the red objects because of the teacher. Because he gave him the task to search only blue items – he had all the responsibility on him.

that's What I wanted to demonstrate, said the teacher.

the People in your life to focus entirely on what you want to see in their expectations. The world is very generous – it has all the shades. If you are looking for blue, you will find it, look for a red – is. Any color you will find in this world in any quantity.

Thus, if you focus on bad, you will find this in your life, and you will not notice what is happening around them.

Perhaps you are a supporter of the idea that it is better to expect the worst, then there will be disappointments. And if it happens something nice — this will be a good surprise.

But, as you saw from the experiment, if you focus on bad, and will happen only the bad. Much cheaper another position. Always and in everything to seek only the good. Then your whole life would light up and fill with lots of lovely things. And even if there was experience, and it will have a positive value.


Go boldly through life and pay attention to everything beautiful that surrounds us. Then your life will not be disappointed!

I Hope this article has helped you at least a little to change the view of the events in your life.

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Natalia Dumas

Natalia Dumas
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