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Depression in their species is the diversity.

Consider some types of depression




- masked


Depression is derived:

- endogenous disturbances in the human body associated with diseases of internal organs.

- psychogenic – occurs when a traumatic situation.

In the practice of counseling is required to distinguish between these types.

let us Turn to the mapping of the types of depression, how to distinguish them.

Reactive depression is a reaction to unpleasant or negative situation (death of a loved one, divorce, separation, retirement, illness or injury, the problems of a sexual nature).

Reactive depression has its time of occurrence: short-term (one month) and prolonged (from one month to two years).

In reactive depression the following symptoms: dizziness, feeling light headed panic attacks, palpitations, fatigue, increased motor restlessness , or gives way to stupor, hysteria, sleep disorders, and eating behavior in the acute phase occur phobias, auditory hallucinations, suicidal thoughts.

Treatment of reactive depression is well combined with drug therapy and psychotherapeutic care.

Seasonal depression – a loss of vitality and disorder of the emotional moods in different seasons. Typical of the season.

Seasonal depression differs:

- winter

- spring



Symptoms and signs: apathy, hopelessness, increased sensitivity to yourself or others, anxiety, mental capacity is reduced, there is an increase in weight. Characteristically, feelings of agrocenose manifest themselves in the first half of the day.

the Period of occurrence of seasonal depression – season (1 to 3 months).

Treatment of seasonal depression: folk remedies, medication, psychotherapy. In the period of seasonal depression, it is not recommended to exhaust yourself diets. It is recommended that the regime in power, and so the use of the following products: bananas, dates, sea fish, nuts, beef liver, chicken egg yolks, seaweed. The evening is recommended a glass of either warm milk or a sedative tea. Well exercise, appropriate age categories. The main thing is not to overdo it. A walk in the woods, Hiking, water treatments are beneficial to your psyche.

Bipolar depression – mood swings from depression (oppressed and depressed state) to mania (euphoric mood elevation).

today there is no exact reason why there is bipolar disorder. Today, the assumption is made that 75% of disorders caused due to a genetic mental disease, 25% due to the ambient environment.

Symptoms of manic phases: a surge of strength and energy, reduced need for sleep, verbal stimulation, outbursts of anger, delusions of grandeur.

the Symptoms of the depressive phase: worsening of mood, decreased performance, interrupted sleep, the stupor, the idea of self-destruction.

Time of occurrence of bipolar depression from 2 weeks to 2 years. And the manic phase is three times shorter than the depressive period.

For the treatment of bipolar depression resort to selective inhibitors of capture of serotonin.

the Disease is difficult to diagnose, and prolonged treatment.

Masked depression – persistent sad mood.

the Symptoms of masked depression: feeling short of breath, pain in the heart, interrupted sleep, irregular heart rhythm, eating disorders (diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, nausea), untreatable headache.

Time is difficult to ascertain due to the secrecy of the process of passing this type of depression.

Treatment medication: antidepressants, tranquilizers (short-term), sedatives. The performance observed after one month of treatment, but the recommended course is three to six months. In psychotherapy it is necessary to develop self-esteem and motivation, learning meditation and self-control.

Neurotic depression – depression without a depression that occurs after traumatic events and genetic factors are minimal.

the Symptoms are: feeling of weakness, weakness, watery eyes, accusation of others, "pressing" and "compressive" headaches. Behavioural symptoms: alcohol abuse, intake of narcotic and psychotropic substances taking high doses of drugs.

Reasons: professional problems, family conflicts, financial difficulties, life situations which require prolonged mental stress, inability to relax and healthy ways to get rid of stress and fatigue, resulting in nervous breakdown and care in neurotic depression.

Time to install not possible because of the individual nature of this type of depression.

Treatment individually, depending on the type and severity of the disorder. In psychotherapy, effective communication, and support. Works well with Dolphin.

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