In the modern big city life, our psyche what would be strong it was not face many dangers. Stress, emotional and mental exhaustion, problems processing information from the media and more. And then sneaking up on her Majesty depression! The monster has many faces and manifests itself in the deterioration of any aspect of personality!

From the point of view of medicine is a mental disorder, the main symptoms are low mood and a reduction or loss of the ability to have fun.

However, from the point of view of psychology this affective state characterized by negative emotional background, change the motivational sphere, cognitive (related to consciousness) of ideas and the General passivity of behavior. Subjectively, the person in a state of depression is primarily heavy, painful emotions and experiences — depression, sadness, despair. Desire, motives, volitional activity drastically reduced. Typical are thoughts about their own responsibility for a variety of unpleasant, painful events occurring in a person's life or his loved ones. A sense of guilt for the events of the past and sense of helplessness in the face of life's difficulties combined with a sense of futility. Self-esteem is dramatically reduced. Changed is the perception of time that flows painfully slow. For behavior in a state of depression characteristic of slowness, lack of initiative, fatigue; all this leads to a sharp drop in productivity. In severe, long-lasting States of depression, possible suicide attempts.

Here is such a horror!

So what to do ?

Here are a few signs that You urgently need to visit a specialist.

  1. In a depressed state people tend to go from communication to hide from everyone, reducing the possible communication to the minimum. If your friend was outgoing and happy, and eventually began to communicate less. This is something to ponder.
  2. depressed man constantly feels fatigue, a common complaint - I can't do anything, no strength.
  3. sleep disorders accompanied by a depressive state constantly. Sleep may be very long, but did not bring relief.
  4. Loss of motivation and interest to do anything. Mental activity as if in a dream state.

5.Depressed people cease to follow him. In severe forms people stop to observe basic hygiene.

  • the problems Begin in the intimate sphere.
  • But not all so sad, and this monster has its own prevention!

    Sleep is everything, sleep mode must be followed and it is at least 7-8 hours.

    Products containing OMEGA-3. And don't forget chocolate(but in moderation)

    And of course sports and fresh air. These two satellites of a healthy lifestyle to be afraid of a disease.

    Be healthy and take care of yourself!

    Denis Levin
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