Derivatory (Dendroceratida)


Derivatory (Dendroceratida)

Dendroceratida this treatment trees. It has long been thought that trees are able to "heal the soul". This relationship can be traced in myths, fairy tales, parables and legends. With the tree we have a lot of associations: the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the shamanic tree, the tree of life, the Sephiroth tree, Christmas tree, the family tree, but, in fact, the tree metaphor is life because it gives us oxygen, and it is vital for us. If you interpret the tree through the prism of metaphor, then it is all aspects:

Flowers and fruits is our merit, having achieved your goal

Kidney - as the emergence of new ideas plans, our dreams and sketches

Barrel – our inner core, our "I"

Roots – that allows us to stand firmly on his feet, our values, our beliefs

the Shamans believe that everything has a soul, be it plant, rock, tree, or fire, what with all the living you can make contact if need be. For example, Shamans camlough (performing certain rites) to the plants were well fertilized, and the crop is good. It is known that if you gently talk to the plant, it is much faster to bloom or bear fruit. In the mythology of shamanism, there is the concept of "Shaman's tree" is a tree that combines the three worlds: past, present and future. The roots go to the center of the earth, and the leaves are touching the sun. On this tree are nests, where they Mature and wait for your queue, born of the soul Shaman. It's a metaphor that each person has a definite place where a person is charged with power, wood, or any thing. And if it is not possible to frequent your place of power, comes to the aid of the camera, you can always capture yourself or what for you is a powerful resource. And to keep this photograph, in front of their eyes or to carry. The author of the article has its own resource tree, and since it is not possible to go into this forest, you have a picture of this place. In the book, serkina V. "Shaman Forest", described by a metaphor (of LIFE) shaman tree:

"Night dreamed of my tree. In the bright moonlight, the area was almost recognizable. Painfully recalled these places are, knowing, remembering, find already awake. But the dream ended when I almost remembered. Why you should find my tree. Analyzing yesterday's entry, I stumbled on the phrase of the Shaman: "the Tree is at all".— I also Have my Shaman tree?— Not Shamanic. Your tree.— And Shamanic? A special?— All trees are different.— Why did the shamans believe that trees are special only to them?— Not all, some. They misinterpreted the fact that others around them do not find their trees.— can I find your tree?— Yes.— And other citizens? Few.— Why? I differ?— You many years to walk the coast alone. Most of the townspeople don't like it and is afraid.— How you know your tree?— First, you many times see in a dream. Then just go and find out.— who I see in the dream?— You see a tree, and it is you.— When I find him?— You will be. When you're both ready."

What involves dendroceratida is standing near the tree, to feel its scent, to feel and listen to it, and most importantly to behold. There is no any special time limits or action. You, being in the woods or in the Park intuitively feel "your tree", go up to him and do what I feel and want at the moment: to embrace, to admire, to pet, to meditate and just be and dissolve in the moment. Someone returned to his tree, someone finds a new all individually. This exercise teaches us to contemplate, will stay in the hustle and bustle of a rapidly changing world and for a moment to plunge into the nature, its savagery, to feel that life has something else, besides the fact that you called life.

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