1. Origins
the Attitude to money that was unknowingly transferred to parents or developed in the genus. What associations and memories does the image. What family or baby story it can be connected? Who in the family and surrounded by so treated money? What associations are connected with this card, wealth or poverty?

According to this map, we see a closed door with two guards, which means in the past or refusal or inability to have money, as in the painting the guards a couple of my clients came thoughts about his parents. Apparently parental or guarding it from money. Luxury doors allowed her to remember that family history says that before and at the paternal and maternal lines there was some prosperity, but the jewels and the property was unfairly distributed, with the result that between relatives there was a grudge and apparently negative attitude to wealth.

  • Bank
  • what limits the width of the cash flow. Picture and details MAC help to understand the boundaries that exist in relation to money. At this stage it is important to understand what feelings are caused in us the wealth of others. It is especially important to understand the two boundaries that prevent our flow - condemnation of others and self-pity.

    the image of the room in the picture is made as if from under the floor, the client felt that greatly diminishes their capabilities and requirements in respect of money, so even a full life for yourself is not allowed. For her to see neither the table nor the chairs in the picture, the sense that it has no place that she can't use the fact that for the other in order. As the image of the room with her we came to the conclusion that the restrictions come only from her consciousness.

  • the Maelstrom, or an underwater tornado which sucks everything it gets
  • what says the picture? That saps resources and does not give opportunity to earn desired amount. What is wasting our resources? Maybe the image reflects the emotional state or someone from the environment, which is like a black hole absorbs forces and opportunities and does not develop. Passive card, sad or on the contrary too optimistic?

    the winning image, as in the previous position again sends the customer down in the dungeon. And again the Association of buried talents, fixation on the past, spent force to discover long-lost. In this apparently ignored many opportunities, they do not see or hear, trying to recognize and find the cause in the past. In the land of the buried artifact, but even if they manage to find it, it is unlikely that it can be useful in the present, it will be impossible to use as intended. Clients were able to come to the conclusion that property losses in the past played a role in the history of the family and now there is no need to bring out into the surface, then what was the ancestors, getting into this maelstrom prevents the further development.

  • Floodplain
  • At this point, watch our attitude towards the admission of light or unexpected money? If perceived such income? Cause if they a sense of gratitude? Or doubts and thoughts that their clients are not worthy? Aren't you worried that after this can come the trouble.

    Map the customer has caused mixed feelings. In the first place attention was drawn to a hovering pig and thought that the easy money seems very unhygienic and dirty. Like this you can hide any hidden motives, second floor. The client said that the danger in this card she can't see, but the feeling is unpleasant, it attempts to discern the motives of others, another benefit of doubt and the feeling that as if she is unwittingly involved in something. Together with her we came to the conclusion that light and unexpected money involve for her own obligations and forced to play and act unusual for her as she is drawn into certain circumstances in connection with their receipt. Thus she is born suspicion in connection with their receipt, instead of joy and gratitude.

  • Tributary
  • the Picture helps to understand how on an unconscious level perceived a lot of money. How you will feel and sense a person if his income is several times higher than in the present. Bring it to a state of more comfort? Or Vice versa there will be difficulties in view of the fact that you have to move more or work?

    This map is found, the client has a positive response, she saw her creative. Big money do not frighten her, on the contrary , will allow her to turn around and realize its potential. She had previously thought about starting their own business card and she tells me that she would address this together with your partner, it would serve to unite their Union and common cause would improve their relationship. The money she would give us confidence in the future, and she definitely would plans how to dispose of them and invest intelligently.

  • the Threshold
  • Are there any setting that this increase in income may depend on other people? What that a help or a hindrance to gain a lot of money. Maybe the person feels helpless to have? What resources can not suffice? What obstacles he may feel to achieve their monetary goals?

    Its capabilities, the client was assessed as Tits that sit directly on the man, but its expectations to strengthen its financial position, it connects with others, this is the image of the pie in the sky. Increase your income it examines how luck and random luck, and apparently it seems she's not very attainable. The card gives her a sense of relaxation, as if she had reached at a certain stage a small income, and this calmed down, she does not attempt to shift, and relies more on the case. Condition on this picture she described "slacking and procrastinating"

    up her work and diagnostics in the first place it is worth noting the relationship of cash flow with a family history and with the past. The first image gave impetus to the need to open the door and let the flow into your life. Then I asked her to take in the map and continue with the framework of an enta to Express my respect to the relationship between their families in the past, and that each in his own way was right. In the framework of homework to work with affirmations that it is worthy of money that she doesn't put himself below their capabilities and their potential. Work with MAC allowed through images and associations to Express her perception and attitude, to understand the chain of consequences, how one follows from the other, that already allows you to work on problems on.

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