Diagnosis or people...which is more important?

I Wanted to learn , explore this topic :

what comes establish the diagnosis or at first to see a man..with his life, understanding , attitudes , habits , good and not so good sides.

In the General medical practice - is necessary to establish the diagnosis, to know what to cure, as drugs. What is necessary to pass additional tests to obtain a more complete picture about the disease.

as for common symptoms can hide different diseases that require specific treatment and perhaps even surgical intervention in cases of emergency.

of Course, the soul and body ... are one ... that we know ... and to treat the body needs to heal his soul.

Body and soul .. their relationship... may be the topic of another article.

here we investigate another important topic.

Psychology - the science of the soul... and the soul as a known substance subtle... subtle , vulnerable. It requires its own approach.

How to create the different theoretical areas , schools and new branches from these already well-known schools. Which personality fits into certain schemes where there are:

the character Types, accentuation of personality, temperament, ... and a large number of different psychological diagnoses.

Where the measure? Where is the balance? How not to drown in a sea of different psychological diagnoses ?

Came the image of the metaphor:

to be able to swim ... this ability is a skill that people learned. And not at once.

the Ability to swim well requires sufficient time.

And knowing how to swim , knowing the different ways of navigation features, yet each time takes into account important factors.

for Example, what water, whether this new terrain ( river, lake, sea) weather conditions, state of health ...

Have an understanding of their skills and the world - water.

Also in our psychological practices.

on the one hand, you Must possess the theoretical knowledge , practical skills, learning , improve their skills, learn new things, to progress in the profession. It also requires time, desire, effort.

And on the other hand people who applied to us for help, as part of the world. And how will we interact with it - depends on us.

to Approach it from the point of view of diagnosis,... to look at it through the prism of these plants, look at it, to treat the diagnosis..... or consider a person... knowing that he's just is in a certain life predicament.

And we help them to learn to swim ... we teach... we, with our help, and then he's halfway to himself.

Our profession is creative... mnogoserijnogo and Requires a different approach , understanding the laws of life... and just of interest, of interest to the person.

the Desire to be useful.

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