One of the elements of the "First interview" (hereinafter PI) in the method of positive psychotherapy is the diagnosis of the client by using the Balance Model (MB). br>
let me Remind you that it clearly displays our entire life and vitality is distributed over four main areas: the Body, Activities, Relationships (Contacts), Fancy (Sense). br>
Here's how they look:

ideally, each area should account for 25%. I.e. total = 100%. But this, unfortunately, is extremely rare. Usually there is some bias in one or more areas. br>
the Main difficulty is that customers are not always (almost never) I can not objectively evaluate the energy distribution by regions MB. br>
there Are customers who are asked to draw a MB, they give you a perfect diamond, which is everywhere 25%.
And only after the question of why, in fact, came just all so wonderful - I begin to think and to reallocate the numbers in another way ))

And it is quite a problem when it is excessive rationality and attempts to make everything as logical.
Remember, I had a case in practice... Man, filling the region for his "rational system" entered in the "Body" from 30%, stating that he is the third of the day sleeping, so here at least the third part of the interest will go. And then still sat, trying to adjust the rest according to the same system - i.e. the actual distribution of time in days, almost to the second.
In my review here that this does not work, and you need to write as I feel it is hard waved and almost possessee tried to squeeze the interest into a logical framework. Finally I give up... ))

In General, of course, MB almost in anybody does not cause difficulties.

In the next phase diagnosis in the PI we thoroughly question the client about each of the four areas MB:
- why is the percentage so, and not another;
- full in each region;
- are you satisfied with the customer what is;
- if you are not satisfied, what;
- should be OK.
- etc.

And here often occurs such a situation that clients find it difficult to answer these questions. So I offer to do a small exercise* use the MAC.
Draw MB and ask the client to choose one (not more than three!) the map for each area. It is better to choose an open way.
Each card will symbolize how the client perceives and emotionally evaluates each of the four areas MB.

ie - the allocation percent was more or less OK, and the selection of cards, as we see, the perception itself also generally garmonichno. the
On body customer care, monitoring health, etc..
work he is successful and has achieved some success.
relationships all too well.
And in General my futuree he sees the balanced and stable. br>
This picture can be found, for example, when the client pradit not with some global problem, and to solve certain questions, or make small adjustments that for some reason starts to "loose".

And sometimes Vice versa:

Here, I picked up the card to display the imbalance in four areas. Although he can only be in one area, or two...

As we see here:
body the client is experiencing almost disgust. The reasons may be different - weight, height, physical disabilities, or, for example, skin diseases...
Your activities the customer perceives as a duty, do not bring anything but a sad experience (not the position, not the profession, little SN, etc.)...
Relationships cause the client to "keep your ear to the ground"... the Reasons may be different. As: wait for the "catch" from friends or co-workers, suspicion about infidelity partner/spouse...
Future in this situation is generally very vague, and the client knows what do to do...

it is Clear that the picture is a little exaggerated... Although I (and probably my colleagues too) there were cases when the client and his life had to be built from scratch. Figuratively speaking, reviving her from total ruins... So, and the example of the "full catastrophe" is also the place to be.

And sometimes can be:

it looks so good, perfectly... MB is relatively balanced, and thus already "howl at the moon" I want to...

This practice of "test shots" I have implemented relatively recently, when another very smooth story of one of my client was still giving the idea that "not all is quiet in the Danish Kingdom"...

Here when you choose customer "control card", it is important carefully to watch him and read what happens. Because it can be "manipulation".
i.e. the client pulled a positive card, and sort of confirmed the overall picture... Only here for a second, at the stage of turning of the deck, he detained quite on a different map, and even while in the face flashed a shadow of negativity and stress...

So at this point you need to be alert not to miss what is actually there!

At the last stage of work with the MB, is divided into three steps, we first ask the client to disclose the content of all cards in all areas. Questions for this, about the same as in the analysis of interest (see above):
why is this map;
- what she means to you;
- what do you feel looking at it.

Then move the focus to the upcoming changes (they also can support cards):
- should be OK;
- what you will feel when it will be;
- what resources you have to begin to change the situation;
- what is not and what it would cost to develop;
- etc.

And in the end we take our "MB-positum" (i.e. actual), and begin to design the "MB-ideal" (i.e. desired). You can take the same exercise that we did earlier with the usual MB, without using metricheskikh cards. Here it is:

write to each of the four areas 1-2 very simple steps that will help to achieve the desired self-image, how You see it. So:
BODY. What should be physical activity, nutrition, sleep, sex, relaxation, body care, etc. to achieve the desired?
ACTIVITIES. What small things will help you to achieve the result (what you need to do, what to learn, what to improve, what to toss)? And not just any business, but how are you going to do them.
RELATIONSHIP. What kind of relationship and with whom you need/want to build? Who could serve as an example for you/ideal? Who could help, for example, advice or just support?
FANTASIES. What qualities or concepts will help to achieve the desired? What should be developed/develop themselves? What for you in life is important/valuable? Or that maybe you are afraid of? - it's all in this area. br>
Then it's simple: up => perform.
it Should immediately be noted that to consolidate certain skill or developing new habits takes about 3 weeks to 2 months. So, starting today, do not expect global changes tomorrow. Patience and again patience! ))

Actually, this work with the MB in the first interview may be over. If necessary, you will be able to return to it.
And yet - all! =))

during exercise* used deck "Give paw, friend!"

* the Use and/or copying exercises - only with written permission! ©

Buy a deck of "Give paw, friend!" You can submit an application via PM or by phone. Also, scheduled for October online seminar to work with it.
And how to use a MAC in combination with Positive psychotherapy I write in my book. Output is scheduled for spring 2019.
Stay tuned! :)


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