what is a psychologist?
It establishes new neural connections. Through special issues, metaphors and other practices reveals and conveys a different, deeper cause-and-effect relationship in our everyday life. Nice work with the psychologist: these are the insights, inspiration and discovery.

We thought that all men cozy. But it turned out that we have fear of relationship :) insight. A new neural connection :)

In my opinion 80% of the questions do not require a trip to the psychologist. It's like to go to the doctor for every ailment. That does not mean to treat the problems on the principle of "self-will". This means you should be able to provide a first diagnostic and therapeutic services. I know there are courses are "home nurses". Here in psychology we need the same.

My games including the hosts and to this end: I want to show you that there are simple tools to hear and balance themselves without becoming a professional psychologist. These tools, like any skill you can hone and develop. And anyway a nurse is a great profession! :)

the GAME IN the "QUARTET": an independent round.
Meet the most simple level metaphorical game. It is aimed at the diagnosis and partially for therapy, based on the acceptance of his Shadow. See photos of cards, choose, review and analyze flipping through the slides yourself. br>
Leave comments, share your experiences, the Game evolves and will be happy to include new metaphors from you.

Note that the less sympathy card - the more of psychological protection. Just in case, ask loved ones: does this sound like you? Sometimes we do not see nor their wounds, nor their resources.

I highly recommend after the game to write a therapeutic letter about their feelings, discoveries. This will give a deeper layer to understanding and logically complete the episode self-therapy. You are now a working professional :)

the Game is itemized for women. But man, flexible in approaching information, can also correct for yourself "reverse", to realize.

More information about the game in a previous article:
Those who want to play in a more advanced version of the game - contact us for a consultation.

in the meantime - play the first round :)

Olga Bogorodskaya
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