When a person accepts the necessity of self-knowledge, begins an active search directions of theoretical and practical options of self-development. Many people initially ask the question:" who am I? I? What is already there? What we need to develop? What you need to get rid of? You need to take?" etc.
To do this, use these or other methods of diagnosis.
Each person limit himself to those areas of development that are able to "digest"(to receive) his mind.
To be clear what I'm talking about will show you a vivid, practical examples.
✔now you Come to the therapist and he prediagnostic and say about the poor performance of the liver and what the cause is of viral etiology.
✔app, naturopath Doctor will tell you that the reason liver disease in parasite - ovistore, lamblia and rocks.
✔this is Bioenerget will find a dark spot or energy hole near the liver.
✔app Witch will report on the curse that once your great-grandmother got angry with her roommate, and in anger gave the whole race a spell.
✔this chiropractor will tell you that the 12 vertebra was out of place and it violates the blood circulation and creates conditions for poor performance of the liver.
✔good but the Osteopath I will say that the ventral and dorsal muscle spasmatic and cause improper positioning of the vertebrae, internal organs, including the liver, which negatively affects its work.
✔this Esoteric report on karmic debt and the family through the study of liver disease, and you will remember that in your family many similar issues.
✔this Yoga will say that the 3rd chakra - manipura is blocked, which in this area is not receiving energy and therefore suffer the gallbladder, the liver.
✔app is And psychologist will tell you that "you have accumulated too much anger as a result of unreacted conflict, which leads to spasms in the liver and defective its job."
🔴But all the experts say about one and the same disease (or disharmony, deviation from the natural law, a deviation from the norm), the only difference is that the diagnosis they give terms their perception of its ideology and by and large it makes no difference what they tell you, because you can only take the information ready to digest and what is ready to work. And that's the way to work - this issue should be approached more carefully.

Fizaliya Klemina
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