Difficult childbirth. The elimination of the causes. Change consequences.


This article I want to address to all women who need birth or who have already given birth to a child, but was left bitter memories about the process.

Perhaps it will help someone to plan their birth and the entire pregnancy to stay in a comfortable and relaxed state.

Now I will tell You that was the basis for writing this article. To begin with, what with the client from Moscow, I began working as a family psychologist. Initially, the theme for work was not a problem in childbirth (she had already had a child who was a year and a half), and the problem of the relationship with her husband. But what "came out" at work, had a direct bearing on the issue of childbirth, and problems in the family.

Working with a generalized line of life, examining the situation, she unexpectedly, saw their heavy labor. And when I asked her: "Let's fix this", she suddenly refused, saying that it is not ready to solve this problem, and the theme of birth is very painful.

As a family psychologist, I want to say that every person has the opportunity to "rewrite" memory for negative events, entering into the problem situation and perereca her. For our psyche, no matter how it will be done — real or virtual, what is important is the result and work with the resource state.

Her refusal to resolve the situation now seemed to me somewhat unusual, and I brought her into the trance state. Later it became clear that the problem had psychogenetic origin.

the basis of the problem situation was the woman in her maternal line, which at the time gave a negative belief with regards to childbirth for all women. It read: "We are not wanted we will not be happy in love, giving birth is always hard". The client remembered how her mother told her the same thing, and the personal beliefs of the client, and the process of her birth reminded about the same.

Working as a family psychologist, I have helped her to resolve this problem. New belief on which will now live client, said that: "the universe is filled with love, it will be enough for us. We will have a harmonious birth". I want to tell You that the words of the new belief sometimes sound interesting and unusual, but they are always easy to fit in a positive altered state of the client, and the negative belief, quickly forgotten and loses its power.

it should be noted that without solving this problem in terms of psychogenetics, we would not be able to solve the problem and the relationship between her and her husband. As from the previous (old) beliefs emerged: "we don't need...". This is the state of uselessness became more and more manifest in the relationship with her husband.

Back to the moment when the client stopped, where was discovered a problem that she refused to solve it. She returned to the same point. And when I asked her: "How now?" — she said, " I want to make the process of giving birth love, then everything will be fine and easy."

Next, I note the following. The important points of this work is that the transmission of "negative psychogenetic material" was stopped, and the client and its descendants will never have any such problems.

Now, dear readers, You'll be able to make certain conclusions. If You have some annoying problem state associated with the theme of "difficult childbirth" and, moreover, observed a certain regularity in the genus, for example, problems with the birth grandmother and mother, or You have some inexplicable fear of childbirth. I think it can serve as the basis for the appeal to the family psychologist or psychogenetic for Your own personal safety.

I Wish all women good, comfortable pregnancy and a safe resolution in such an important process as childbirth.

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