Digestion as a mirror of nature


How to digest the conflict?

Our body is very hard and self-sufficient. Each of us in the body has its own doctor (regeneration system that heal our wounds and physical damage), there are protective mechanisms (e.g., antibodies that protect the body against viruses and bacteria) and also has its own pharmacy. From this pharmacy we can produce within themselves all the chemicals for recovery. To enable this "pharmacy" in the job – the purpose of therapy.

I Recently had a patient who for six months had suffered with ulcerative colitis. Several years ago, she divorced her husband, and recently she made a friend. This was her coworker, which she worked in the project.

the first Person to actively pursue the location of a woman. But when they were together, everything changed. And one day he said, "I'm changing the rules of the game". He dismissed my patient from my project, pushed from all major customers. They stopped going out somewhere together, and this man came to her just for the sake of an intimate relationship.

"Most strange, says my patient, I somehow endured it all and continued to meet him". She developed a real dependence on this person. On this background, there was ulcerative colitis. Usually, the digestive organs first begin to suffer from our psychological problems.

Why could this happen? The fact that a young child wanting to be fed and the desire to be loved very deeply connected. Becoming for adults he faces in his life with many contradictions. Seen, for example, that the stomach problems often appear in people who shyly respond to their desire to help.

What happens in this case? Unable to resolve his internal conflict, people seek solace in food. In the stomach there is a selection of juices, enhanced by its motor activity. And if food is not supplied, then the body literally starting to digest itself.

Or take this problem as peptic ulcer disease of the duodenum. Scientists believe that it occurs because of an irreconcilable contradiction: the desire to be tutored and the desire to remain independent. According to statistics, this disease most often affects men. Because some of them want to rule over a woman and at the same time to see it as "good, caring mother."

the same inner conflicts arise and the ladies who crave both be strong at work and weak with a man. Due to the inability to realize the contradictory desires and a disease occurs.

But in all cases operates this mechanism? Actually no. The founder of psychosomatic medicine F. Alexander believed that disease arises when this predisposition is genetic, biochemical or physiological. And besides, it cause a situation to which a person is particularly sensitive.

In most cases, a person suffering from peptic ulcer disease is usually vulnerable, touchy, suspicious. And however, it has high demands on himself, a keen sense of duty. Such people tend to make much more than really can. They actively overcome difficulties, but all this is accompanied by strong internal anxiety. The result is tension, which leads to spasm of smooth muscles of the digestive organs and their vessels. Worsens blood flow, reduced tissue resistance occurs, and an ulcer.

In diseases of the stomach nerves exposed to two opposite types of character. It's melancholic, prone to self-flagellation, which flows into despair even minor problems. And choleric, which undermines the anger and rage.

a stomach Ulcer sick giperatidnye people who live for others, while not seeing any real impact from their efforts. They suffer from a lack of love and feelings of failure to implement – but actually achieve a lot in life.

But duodenal ulcer occurs, as a rule, thrill-seekers, impulsive, prone to fits of rage. They always strive to be the best. But if they fail, they fall into an aggressive depression, acute jealous of more successful people.

and those And others need stimulants like coffee and nicotine, which further exacerbates ulcer problem.

What psychological conflicts can lead to disturbances in the digestive tract? Bowel problems – the most complex and deep. Take, for example, the scourge of constipation. According to statistics suffer from them every third woman. Cause of psychogenic constipation is often a spasm of the intestine due to chronic dissatisfaction, because of the loss of something meaningful, for example, intimate relationships.

Suffering from spastic constipation show stubbornness, love of order, thrift. Sometimes these features are expressed in extreme form, and people become intolerant, pedantic, stingy. They are characterized by pessimism, lack of confidence, feeling unloved

Emotional diarrhea associated with tense expectation and a sense of helplessness. So, students before exams sometimes "upset stomach".

a Person suffering from chronic diarrhoea, usually disturbing, but at the same time seeking recognition and social success. These people skillfully hide their insecurities behind a mask of restraint, orderliness and competence. They often depend on strong personalities, those who are not afraid to show their aggressive desires.

ulcerative colitis some therapists believe a kind of protect people from psychotic disorders. The literature describes cases when the treatment of this disease, the physical condition of the patient improved, and mental deteriorated. For example, the loss of a loved one, a woman naturally feels a sense of despair. But if she for some reason can't Express their feelings or otherwise deal with them – it there are prerequisites to this disease. That's exactly what happened with my patient. First I had to make these "archaeological" excavations of her life. In her childhood, was weak, helpless mother, and the girl had to take care of her younger sister, to sort things out in the DEZ, to monitor their health and enroll in the clinic. The father of the famous physicist, even when he was home, the thoughts were somewhere far away, in a world of their formulas. The girl worshipped him. But love is not received neither from father nor mother.

the Experience of childhood does not simply repeat itself when we become adults. It determines the life choices of the person and his perception of reality. No logic, no sense, alas, can't change anything. Vessel of love, not filled in childhood, leaves in the soul sucking emptiness. My patient in a relationship with a man tried to compensate for this. But whatever you do, she could not get as straight her love. It was again rejected.

I am often asked, is it enough to realize the psychological problem to recover. No, of course, awareness is not enough. We combined the study of psychological problems and work with the disease itself. There is a wonderful technique, it's called "journey through your own body". Its essence is simple. The man closes his eyes, relaxes and is itself reduced in hundreds times. It's small, sits in any small vehicle and large or small circle of blood circulation embarks on a trip inside your body. In the case of my patient it was necessary to reach the intestines and to try to restore order there. For this she imagined that she had everything needed: brush, cleaning gel, soothing balm, putty, pink paint, brush, live and dead water. I asked the woman how she sees your intestines being "a little cleaner"? The picture she drew for me, could "decorate" any horror movie. Now her task was to hold the cleaning – pobrisati for sores first dead, then living water. Cracks to cover, to cover with balm, to paint all the pink paint.

What happens during this technique is still not fully understood. But it works. Imagination start a process of recovery, and internal organs begin to work as it should.

a patient of Mine for two and a half weeks represented themselves as "a little cleaner" and cleaned inside. And the colitis subsided. Digestion is gradually normalized. But our work is not over. The woman still had long struggled with painful feeling to his friend. And with this addiction to cope was much more difficult than with colitis.

But it had to be done. Because many chronic diseases come back again and again because not solved psychological problems.

Barbash Olena
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