Not seldom it happens that a person decided to go to a psychologist, doesn't know what to do next and is filled with many questions. In this article I will try briefly but clearly answer the questions of the many.

what is the difference between a psychologist, psychotherapist and psychiatrist?
Psychologist is a specialist with the psychological education that helps mentally healthy people in a difficult psychological condition (crises, depressions, neuroses).
Shrink is a doctor, a man having a medical degree and has specialized in psychotherapy. He works with mentally healthy people, and people in the border States. If necessary, can prescribe medication (e.g. antidepressants).
Shrink is a doctor, often working with mental disorders (schizophrenia, psychopathy, etc.) and using medication. But it can also work with mentally healthy people and people in the border States.

Where can I find a psychologist?
Often turn to psychologists through friends/acquaintances/relatives already visited this specialist. But not always people are willing to openly declare their need of psychological help or is there someone who could advise who to contact, and then comes to the aid of the Internet. In search engines now, you can easily find contacts like psychological centers and private practicing psychologists. Increasingly popular sites that host profiles of different psychologists. With the help of such sites it is possible to know in advance what a particular psychologist works, see his picture, read the important information about it and even ask some questions.

How is the first meeting?
most Often at the initial consultation, an acquaintance of a client and a psychologist, the collection of basic data on the client and the conclusion of the so-called "contract", which involves, first, defining the problem, its reformulation in the query (by the way, this is not always possible to do in 1 meeting and in the process, the request can be changed), the establishment of conditions for further "work" in General, all as in business partners. This is necessary because the client pays not only for the fact that he listened to (although such requests are too), but for the fact that helped to cope with the problem, and ask about the results, he is primarily the one who pays. What can you give to someone who is not said what exactly he wants? The answer is obvious.

the Price of a question?
the Price is also negotiated at the first stage. The average price in our city at the moment is around 1500-2000 rubles for 50 minutes. There prices are much higher, and as a rule they are grounded in different facts related to a specific psychologist. There are lower - they usually offer novice professionals. In General, many probably familiar with the principle of "how many paid - so much and received" (as he called me) and I know a place where there is free cheese.

How many times you need to go to a psychologist to solve the problem?
the Question that troubles many. My answer - "and how many meetings are You ready to solve this problem?" It often happens that a client comes to the answer to this question. But in General, everything is very individual and depends on many parameters (complexity of the problem, readiness of the client, dynamics of the work). The estimated number of meetings is planned for initial consultation, and in the future may change. It is important to note that the "short-term therapy" is considered to be 10 sessions and for this period it is often possible to achieve good results.

Why we can't fast all "cure"?
Because it is not magic and not magic. It is time-consuming inner work of the client and the psychologist on the fact that formed and functioned over the years. An important task of the psychologist is to carefully and gently guide the client along the path changes.

What will people think if they know I go to a psychologist?
it Is the time when people began to realize that man is not only the body that a great place is emotional state, feelings, psychological comfort, self understanding, personal growth, getting rid of fears and resentment, the desire to improve oneself. And with many demands to cope better with the help of professionals - a well known fact. After all, for a decent haircut we go to the hairdresser, and the patient we treat your tooth at the dentist.
Some do their own, others are turning to "something to understand", and some go to a specialist. And the result, undoubtedly, can be obtained anywhere, the question can stand over the quality, time spent and other means.

Happiness and mental health!

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