Let me repost the article. Published in Psychological newspaper.

Colleagues, do not be silent, join the discussion. Psychological newspaper (electronic format through the website of KATANA).

Colleagues, 29 Dec published handling a full member of the Russian psychological society A. Balanova to the presidency. The author writes about his disagreement with a reduced definition of psychological care and a complete rejection of the term "psychotherapy" in the bill, which is developing the group of experts RPO. The drafters of the law clearly deduce psychotherapy beyond the activities of the psychologist, it is understood that psychotherapy can be done only by specialists with medical education, doctors.

for 11 days after placing the publication read 23568 users, however, supported the appeal, only 5 readers.

the Silence of the audience in response to his call Arkady baluns says:

"I was not hoping for thousands of responses, well, at least hundreds... Not ten. The voice of one crying in the wilderness. Maybe psychologists are celebrating and read "Psychological newspaper"? No, I found out that this material is read for more than 20 thousand people! In fact, probably, among them art therapists, and family therapists, Gestalt therapists and many, many other psychologists engaged in psychotherapy.

Colleagues, maybe you have not realized that your work will soon be outlawed?! Or are you all doctors?! You will either have become art markers, family helpers and Gestalt consultants... or to go underground as in Soviet times. Remember the speech therapist with the "someone"?

With the adoption of this law, psychotherapy becomes solely a medical specialty psychiatry.

the Developers of the law you are, psychologists, democratic, asking: "What do you psychologists think about this?" And you psychologists, why is silent... "don't sit ... I'm not one to work with."

Or will be, as Ivan, a career change."

Olga Yakovlevna
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