Sometimes, answering questions about my courses from potential clients, I encounter beliefs which are in my view highly erroneous.

Here is one of the most popular:

"Discipline is compelled by nature itself. I have to force myself not want to, because it's abuse. I want to do only what I like".

And I write adults men.

of Course, who doesn't dream about an ideal world where you do what you want? It's a great idea. But what to do with the reality? We are constantly pushing their natural and cultural environment, hunger and cold, not the way the beginning of the shower before an important meeting, the need to conform to the standards of society, the fulfillment of promises, information to other people, but the same going to the gym for a good figure, and the eternal struggle with laziness.

to Seek deliverance from the necessary, important, happiness is not to strain and push yourself (who can argue?!), but as long as the pressure exists, is much more profitable to be able to organize themselves to overcome the obstacles encountered, than to turn a blind eye.

do you Know what the negative effect people get by setting "don't want to force myself"? The loss of control. People have no control over their lives, for the sake of overcoming the obstacles necessary to strain and push yourself, so it's easier to leave or to give up. Again, I stress, I write men. br>
what kind Of development of strength of character in this case in General can be a speech?

by the way, Some seriously believe that need only awareness and a strong desire to achieve something. But they forget one important thing: a strong desire can wait for years, and there is no guarantee that it will come. Discipline allows you to do tasks here and now.

As I wrote above, all I want to enjoy life and not to force yourself, it's a great ideal, which would like to achieve. But while the ideal remains ideal, most effectively combining elements of the "nastavlenie" itself to a gradual acceptance of a growing number of desires. The final result will be much greater.

Domrachev Paul
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