Dismemberment and splitting


If the whole day off can't come together and do something worthwhile, sit back, twist the ribbon FB, sluggish to respond to habitual irritation, not find any with any worthwhile fantasy, then fell into a mental stasis.

In such conditions we are exposed to the unconscious reactions of the psyche, known as dissociation and splitting. Energy saving mode turns itself on "the sleep of reason produces monsters". In the usual daily sleep, getting into who we think we are awake, even monstrous distortion of reality seems routine. Like those blind sages, which the elephant's trunk seemed the hose, the tail a rope, and his feet pillars.

Everyone who at least once watched movies in the horror of dismemberment, or as the student looked at pictures from a textbook forensic medicine, or admired aesthetic of Dali with images of the collapse of reality knows that separate parts are not related to life.

the Image of dismemberment is not indifferent, because it is unnatural and violates the visual perception stereotypes alive. Certain parts of the body, stitched the imagination of Hg wells "the Island of Dr. Moreau" or Mary Shelley in "Frankenstein," because the scare talk about death. Pornography will never be art, not from the fact that sex is not beautiful, but because in the porn show zombies and the movement of inanimate body parts. Even shorn hair and nails without his master's cause disgust.

the Fact that most people in the subject material world seems abnormal in the mind is perceived as something ordinary. So where double standards for the evaluation of the material and the mental.

Psychic mechanism of splitting is characteristic not only for those who fell into psychosis or lives on the border of normal. We all do it all the time with enviable persistence – separate feelings from mind, body from mind and senses, the upper body from the lower, tend to the light the positive, denying the shadow and dark. It has become so familiar, almost imperceptibly.

At a reduced level of consciousness we as vivisectors dissect if not body then soul, trying to insert the selected part in a suitable frame. Then someone we consider beautiful, and someone a freak and a scoundrel.

And here I am listening to for several years, the songs of the famous bard, his lyrics take a chord, his powerful voice chills to the bone and I followed him feel everything that he puts into his songs. We become almost friends, at least, I would like to be friends with so and through the miracle of social media we are already friends. But it turns out that on a sharp turn, the country crashed into a pole and all who sat in the rear seats scattered in different doors. All alive, but I see that my virtual friend flew left and I right. Of course, I'm right, in any case I'm right. Our closeness is falling apart, and I see him, hear but do not understand why he became so distant and unpleasant. I think he scribbled, sick, rotten and now only listen to their memories and not live with his thoughts and feelings.

Or, like it happens in relation to the person for many years, I was grateful and treated with respect. And I want to say that you died for me, to justify their desire to cut him to pieces and to one side to lay down what I like, and in another, it disgusts me. With the dead to do much easier than with the living. And then I share the moral anguish with his therapist, and it is more accurate stitches with words stitches the way this man again, he again becomes alive and together with their weaknesses, fears and faults. But at the same time helps to overcome relevance inside his own consciousness and to bring together the conflicting parts.

Without such professional help, we cannot always accommodate a holistic experience and to see previously inaccessible levels of meaning. Can't take another person entirely, not cutting on the part of his complex psyche. And first of all, you can't over themselves to carry out this operation engraftment flown away pieces of the soul.

Sergey Dremov
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