Dissatisfaction with life - as the opposite of satisfaction.

When I hear when meeting with clients: "I am not satisfied with my life", my first internal question: "What wants to say this person is? What exactly in his life "not"? What are the reasons that he may not feel "life satisfaction?"

the causes of the condition often lies the solution directed to change in the direction of improving their search and awareness is critical for further process.

the Causes which lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, quite a lot, but the main of them are pretty accurate.

the Dissatisfaction in itself occurs when not achieved some goals, missed opportunities do not come true desire or need not turn away.

Why this might be so and what can help a professional psychologist or a coach in this situation?

one may not understand or are not fully aware of their internal needs, sees your goals, or do not even realize where and why he needs to move to feel really good. And the feeling that "all is well, but it's not OK," and why it is not good is unclear. Then it is important to help the client to consider all aspects of your life with in terms of values, to select the high criteria to find the area, the development of which the maximum will move to a state of satisfaction, to formulate specific goals in this area and to outline the steps.

Sometimes you know what you want, but do not see the possibility how to achieve it, do not believe in their strength. And dissatisfaction from the unattainable desired growing. Combines with a specialist coach or psychologist will help you find "invisible" to your resources within you or around you, will enhance the perception of their own capabilities. You will be surprised to discover that what you are missing, it appears you have what is called "at hand". But at the same time and check their desires on reality and achievability, so you don't have to lose power in an attempt to catch the impossible. Because too high goals, not commensurate with the realities of life - is also one of the most difficult definable independently of the reasons of a dissatisfaction.

Very often say, "Know what I want and all I have for this is: time and opportunity, but can't move and angry and irritated, become eternally dissatisfied". Familiar? Then effective planning and taking responsibility in the presence of another person - a specialist profession - both for goal and the specific steps it may take 1-2 sessions to move you from the "dead spots" and to give the necessary acceleration on the way to your satisfaction with life and oneself.

"the disease of the century" - excessive perfectionism, the desire to be infinitely perfect, the fear of making mistakes - can also be the reason that you avoid disappointment with the results and prefer to do nothing. Your inner critic in this ruthlessly evaluates each of your actions, and especially inaction, deeper pounding you in constant dissatisfaction. Learn to accept yourself "as is" and to recognize the possibility of error, to cultivate "the courage to be imperfect", to notice the good within and around yourself, to begin constantly to think positively - that could help you specialist in this case.

And most importantly: you are not satisfied with life? So cry out: "Eureka!" because this feeling tells you that now is the amazing moment a necessary and important change - to become satisfied and happy. Rate the gift of your "dissatisfaction", find a specialist that will help you on the path to change, realize the causes, eat up resources and move forward!

Tur Olga
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