Dissatisfaction with their activities

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Often in this state people say, "I think that in my life everything is fine. Overall, I'm happy people: a family, a job, a car. What else? It seems that everything is.... But for some reason, I feel bad. And I can not understand why. And to change this state does not work". br>
If you talk to that person, to question him, it turns out such details as:

• feel the lack of fulfilment at work;
• anxiety about the future;
• a desire to move to a new level or change the type of activity;
• a feeling of being trapped, swamps;
• fatigue, lack of energy;
• feeling that you are not there;
• irritability;
• self-dissatisfaction, the decline of self-confidence, low self-esteem;

People who are middle age lose their sense of satisfaction, joy from my work, in my opinion, have common features:

Their work has little to do with the things that currently really care. you
probably more of a barrier for them than a path to satisfaction.
They can achieve in something success, but that's not what they want to do.
They don't grow as professionals, remaining at that level once received. If refresher training is a requirement of their current job, they do it out of necessity, with a "sour face."
They never built a long-term development plans towards a harmonious and joyful life.
if They put the earlier objectives in terms of career, these goals were short-term. But often they don't set goals at all. the
Feeling frustration, they begin to critically review your own life and career. br>
There is a General solution to the problem of dissatisfaction with their career. It is simple and consists of three major steps:

1. The first step and the most important, because without it all attempts will be futile: it is the acceptance of responsibility for the implementation of the changes in my life.

2. The second step is the realization of their true values, values that we have.

3. Finally, the third step is to find your true calling or the thing that completely satisfy our true values. This step is not only what kind of job or business I want to have, but finding answers to the questions: what kind of person I want to be, what sacrifices, restrictions I'm willing to make. br>
This is even more likely not the decision and direction of movement, and of course, within these three "simple" steps will be a sufficient number of smaller steps, choices and actions, which are inevitable in any serious and significant way. br>
How best to pass this way?

it is Possible, for this you will have to spend a lot of time and effort and funds and the result may not always be able to please you. The second option is to make this journey with a mentor, a guide, a coach, a specialist in this area, which will lead the way to your chosen goal. Saving time and your energy, sending it in the direction of your implementation. And I'm happy to share with you my experience and knowledge for those who want to define their calling, and begin to implement it. I can offer individual work with me personally
"the Calling: how to understand what you created and begin to live in accordance with its purpose"
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