Distorted education or perverte motherhood.

Distorted education or perverte motherhood.When the mother gets pleasure from raising a child and caring for him, then later he freely and naturally reaches its true "I" and grows up mentally healthy. So it must be OK, and this image formed in the minds of most ordinary people. However, there are exceptions.

Disrupted maternal instinct.

In real life there is a deviation from the normal maternal instinct in the form of his perversion, or perversion, which is passed from generation to generation from mothers to daughters and then their children. When disturbed maternal instinct a mother has no natural gift of setting one's mental wave with the child and does not recognize the value of him crying or screaming, the mother is unable to help the child cope with feelings, which periodically disturb the peace of the Almighty pleasure of each child.

unfortunately, the company decided to idealize motherhood, not taking into account the individual prerequisites for teaching the real women, and consequently, the damage that these mothers can cause their children.

the Horrible reality reveals the inherently destructive to the psyche of a huge number of mothers and their pathological attraction to psychological "infanticide".

the Ideal born of pain.

Perverted mother can demonstrate a wide range of disorders in the education of their children to abandon their children, use physical and psychological punishment, to resort to various verbal attacks, to show indifference to their suffering. Such destructive behavior, the child absorbs inside itself (androecium) and leaves in his psyche as unconscious, haunting and depressing instance.

it Sounds paradoxical, but broken motherhood transforms the relationship with the child in a strong and vicious circle of perversion. the worse the mother refers to the child, the harder it carries the quality and the stronger its need for perverted manipulation mother. The more pain the child feels, the more it displaces the pain as unbearable and a foreign substance from his mind, and instead of "good" leaves on a conscious level and only remembers him. The more disturbed the mother in its manifestations, the more invulnerable it "perfect image" in the eyes of a loving obedient child.

the Children who survived the pain and humiliation of the parents, vow never to do the same with their children, but their unconscious plays with them in the future, a cruel joke, something inside, against their will, were coming out and they repeat the mistakes of their parents. Awareness of the destructiveness of their own behavior causes guilt and shame, all the lives of these people are focused on trying to change yourself and find your true self that in normal education could be a natural consequence of development, is becoming an unattainable dream affected children from their perverted mothers.

Motherhood gives control.

Pregnancy itself have perverted mothers may occur as an attempt to avenge her husband and to retain control over the family. Childbirth bring first disappointment these women, along with the devastation of his own body, they feel the loss of all social privileges, usually provided to pregnant women. With the advent of the baby the woman loses complete and total possession of his body, experiencing the birth of a child as their own failure or collapse. As a rule, distorted motherhood is especially clearly expressed in the first two years of a child's life. Initially, the mother may feel some triumph and delight at his own power over the helpless infant. However, each stage of development is causing fear and terror of loss of their own power.

They do not see in the child a living person, natural displays of affection were sacrificed because of the increasing threats to their separation and independence.

Suppressing mental manifestations of the personality of the child, he shall further be used as a "thing" or "toy" in interaction with the world.

the Child plays the same role for such mothers, like a "thing" for the fetishist.

Motherhood gives you complete control over the situation. The possibility of a full power mother paves the way to abuse and violence against their children.

Pervertie mother can obtain whenever comfort and sexual pleasure from beating their daughters, the need for such destructive behavior is usually caused by excessive anxiety and unstable emotional state.And the beating causes a feeling of sexual ecstasy and triumph over a rebellious child.

Obviously, for the formation of normal identity of the child the recognition of his mother sex. However pervertie mother find themselves the opportunity to get pleasure from distortion of reality by artificial change of sex of their children. They can dress boys as girls and experience the pleasure of omnipotence in control of another person, if the boy behaves like a girl, the mother because of fear of loss of power threatens the life of her son.

For the separation process needed law and the intervention of the father figure, however, perverted mothers, the situation often looks different. The families of such mothers, as a rule, depreciated the role of men. For example, don't trust him taking care of the kids. Then the power of the mother becomes infinite, giving rise to excessive abuse and violence against children.

Model of education

Usually pervertie mothers use one of the following extremes in the models of education:

  1. regulatory — cruel mother: a mother imperiously and arrogantly expects that the child will adjust to it and fulfill all her desires, and for disobedience has a child and severely punish;
  2. introduce — affectionate mother: a mother adapts herself under the child and stop its development by strengthening its mercy, and the soul of a close symbiotic relationship, it seduces the child into a privileged position in the relationship, stopping its development. In case of strong violations of these mothers can raise a transvestite, fetishist or boy-transsexual.

a mother rewards the child for dependency and passivity and denies his love with aggression and persistence.

Example Medea

Emotional balance of the mother should provide the basis for the child's separation and individuation and acceptance of own gender identity. Motherhood as a perversion manifests itself in the form of a breakdown of internal mental structures, with the result that the mother feels not only emotionally unable to cope with the huge psychological and physical demands of their child, but also powerless and helpless to get satisfaction from other sources. The world sees it as a place where she has nowhere to look for help and support, and then she resorts to inappropriate behavior, which in turn makes her feel helpless. At the same time, paradoxically, she feels his pervertive behavior is the only possible authority available under law to manage emotional and physical health of the child. Pervertie behaviour should be considered as the result of emotional instability and lack of individuation, which cover at least three generations.

In the literature one of the most striking examples perverti mother, in whose existence is hard to believe — the story of Medea. She's smart, loved and is in power at the beginning of the narrative. When she abruptly loses all of this, immersed in the madness of hatred and despair, discovers the only power remaining with her and their children, who become the object of her revenge for their father, Jason. When her husband decides to leave wife for a younger and powerful women, Medea carries a subtle and prudent plan that aims to inflict as much pain Jason was to kill their children. She considers their actions justified, so strong her suffering in a terrible situation, and she commits a terrible act: during the day ruthlessly in turn kills all their children.

Naumova Ekaterina
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