man's Fear of deep, intuitive, dark part of our nature is so strong that our desire to explain, to calculate, to plan, protecting their safety hard rational framework. This effort is akin to trying to light a flashlight, the depth of the ocean. In a bright spot get some shade, fish, marine plants. We quickly call them and classify, in parallel, spreading on the rest, invisible part the same laws and principles as observed in the illuminated area. And like not so scary and uncomfortable.

however, this depth beckons. The conventions, which act on the surface, no control over depth. There we find powerful currents and unknown creatures. There's even time is somehow different. Regardless of no earthly hours and minutes and heartbeats between inhalation and exhalation. br>
to Be in depth hard.
On the mental depths you can panic just like in the vast ocean without scuba gear.
Until you remember your deeper essence living in you fish and the Dolphin the ability to breathe under water. Until you remember that you yourself are composed of 80% salt water. Until you remember that this depth - your home. That the first 9 months of your life you spent in the liquid and dark environment, before coming into the world of bright light, solid earth, clocks and calendars.

Along with this memory comes something else.
Intuitive knowledge and coherent feeling life*.
the Sense of the relations between phenomena and objects that on the surface seem separate. Feeling. The volume of our perception. The experience of contact with the power more than you millions of times, while being a part of you. br>
After a trip to the depth of the world can't manage to pack in a rational logical schema. And with each dive getting more used to measure the time a heart beats between inhalation and exhalation.

* biological note:
Fish, like other vertebrates, have a complete set, consisting of the five senses. But they have another sense, the lateral line. This is a single center, which consolidates all sensitive cells in the body, allowing you to experience the world beyond the five senses. The dolphins are no sideline, but there is echolocation.


Love Kolchanova
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