Do I have the right to awaken the other


as far As we are serious about your life? Feel you value others and their time? Or, life is a sort of buffet where you can choose the best and for it to pay less?
I watched the movie "Passengers". There's the main character, tortured by loneliness awakens the girl, who should be able to sleep in a capsule to sleep for many more years to achieve the intended purpose (life on another planet). Being awakened, she will never get to the coveted planet because it will grow old and die on the ship before he arrives.
Thought deeply, when we have the right to "Wake up" another person?
Everyone on earth has the absolute value. Lives dreaming of moving to some purpose, being tuned to them. And then another comes and wakes up/stirs.
Under the metaphor of "awakening" I don't mean that waking lives in an unconscious state or his life is empty without awakening. I write that while the other me is not touched by words or behavior that he hid from me. I'm not active, I don't know what his intentions were and I have not born response. the
Serious and conscious choice "to Wake" can understand. But for example, imagine variations of this same movie: a Man wakes the woman and says: "I don't know what you want", "I woke you, but there's still Mary. Wherever you are today, tomorrow", "I'm not ready seriously to treat you", "I'm married" etc ...
And suddenly the ship this woman's life through the important points of choice of changes that are easy to overlook the irresponsible awakening? After the change of life can happen every second, which is well shown in another movie "Run Lola run". Being distracted by an empty relationship, we miss the opportunities.
Sometimes some people Wake the other with the force with which the bitten apples - to select riper and tastier, trying to touch them as much as possible. To choose the best for themselves and assigning others the role of the stub. Treating others lightly, and eventually diminishing itself, and without losing the taste of life.

of Course, people have the right to terminate the relationship at any time. Maybe something not to like, not match, not enough significant. But what we originally go to another. This may be a flippant attitude, like soulless things. Or understanding - I don't know how close and how long we can go together, how deep to touch, what will our relationship - but I respect you and choose to be honest, I see you as a Person. I feel the value of the time of your life.

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