Do not deceive yourself, especially on the way to the hospital!


How often in life are we wishful thinking?

How often our expectations are not met?

But what really are our expectations, how they're realistic or fancy?

as far As they are dependent on our picture of the world, or include a picture of the world and other people?

As we rely on ourselves, on the strength of his I, or we rely on help from the outside?

Imagine that you are preparing for the exam.

Why will determine your success or failure? I think the combination of many factors.

If "here and now" - how did you prepare for the exam, from your mood (calm, confident, fighting or avoiding, samoustraniajutsia), from your emotional state (just alarm to fetter the spirit, body and mind of fear and panic).

If the past - how did you trained, attended classes, did our homework, tried to learn to read additional literature or just walking to class, because we need. And again, from your attitude to learning your family history, your personality, your character, temperament.

How can we deceive ourselves in a situation exam? What can we expect? We want to hope for the loyalty of the examiner. We can fantasize that it is us, the teacher that takes the exam will be supportive of what he remembers us as we were regularly attended his lectures, what he does, loves students, he tells us or asks a leading question. That is, we rely on help from outside. Or we can hope that will get known ticket, the question that we know But this is all our expectations, but in reality they can neopragmatist.

So the combination of all these (and many other) factors will depend on how will be the exam that you will get in the end, what grade and what kind of experience you take away from this event.

Return to the genera.

my Dear, loved me pregnant, future moms! Are you preparing for the birth of his child! You are prepared and go to the hospital to help her baby to be born! From how mom was preparing for a meeting of your baby will depend on his first journey, maybe the hardest, and perhaps, on this path, together with you, he will gain invaluable experience of overcoming difficulties, which will help him in life. And in this way he received from your support and assistance will be life to wear something inexplicable reason, but a valuable, a sense of confidence in their abilities, and that some unknown force will always help me. And this unknown force is initially the mother who helps her child through this first path is the path of birth!

are You preparing for childbirth nine months is "here and now" is a psycho-emotional preparation for childbirth. In modern society it has become customary preparing for childbirth and parenthood, almost every female consultations there is now a perinatal psychologists and group preparation for childbirth.

are You preparing for parenthood is your past - birth story, as your family belong to the offspring, as in preparation for the birth of children and how are birth. It is an experience your family and your personal experience.

How deceived we are, when our expectations of pregnancy and childbirth do not coincide with reality. More often it occurs. When we try to transfer the responsibility from himself to another. The notion that "all gave birth, and I had a baby", "why is preparing in the hospital coming and the midwife will tell you what to do, I doctor agreed, still there will be forgotten, the responsibility for the health of my baby and my bear doctor...", etc., finally, are becoming increasingly rare. But still there are women who genuinely believe this. I believe that the responsibility for the health of the newborn lies with the doctor, the midwife and the doctor should be with her relentlessly, her hand, petting it on the head, breathe and push for her to say when and how to breathe correctly, to relax, what a place to do it, when to push and when not to do, not to hurt the child. And no matter what the family unit one doctor and a midwife at the same time have another five to ten pregnant women.

So maybe still to know how the flow of your birth, as your baby will be born, have you? To your expectations for a happy childbirth were met, we, modern women have to participate in their own childbirth Consciously. How and what You will do in labour to help your baby to be born? As he comes into the world as you meet him – with a grudge against the medical staff that helped badly?

Or you will meet him with a smile of joy and happiness that you've been through this path and this miracle happened, the Miracle of Birth!

Elena Alfimova
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