the Coffee was delicious and I enjoyed it, eyes closed, sitting in an easy chair. Suddenly, from the stream of thoughts I pulled the baby crying. From somewhere nearby. I looked around, but because of the high backs saw no one.

- " Odd.Seemed to..." - I thought.

Returning to her again, I mentally swam in the domestic ship.

"wah, Wah" sound that was growing a little bit, then subsided to barely noticeable ear. People passed by, but no one looked back.

"Not think"- a second thought. I slowly got up and looked to the back. Sat there for 2.5-3 year old girl. She whined pretty quiet, holding back as much. Fists clenched, eyes on the sides there. If stopped on the spot and all the pain and fear presses in the chair. Heart cringed. The first thing I said - "Hey, mommy or daddy will come" - as suggested to me by inner voice, which is instantly assumed that the child was brought to the cafe, seated at a free table and themselves are gone - whether for ordering, or hand wash.

Dad, in truth, there was, in about five minutes. Strictly looked at the whimpering daughter and coldly said "I told you sit tight, I won't be long". And disappeared again. Heart cringed again.

I can't Even imagine what "a while" for three year olds? It's the end of the cartoon? This is when fly the bird? It's when you leave that one, Auntie? When pronikaet two or three times, or when? For children such concepts as "tomorrow", "now", "minute" doesn't exist. They are not measurable in their children's world. The child lives in the here and now. And such older concepts are just not appealing. Don't know what it was for the baby, but her glance at the floor showed a lot - at least to me.

one Child. As a warrior is the guardian of a free Desk and chair. For dad it's important to bring the tray in and immediately sit at the table. It is convenient. For daughters is a challenge. Pain. Fear of being alone in an unfamiliar place. Unpredictability (and what dad doesn't come back?).

I often see children leave.

do Not throw literally. No. Although I saw it too.

As children, then, cling to the hand or the leg of a parent and make every effort to adhere.

And leave it for a while, for a moment, for a moment...With the words..."You wait here, I'll be back." and disappears behind the corner.

Seeing this, I always want to shout after "do Not leave children! Your child is in 3-5-7 years is unable to cope with the impending anxiety of unpredictability":

- a small child not column for the queue until the parents decide to do parallel things at a distance.

little child, not the guardian of the free tables in public places...

- children are not spare airfields, armor...

Children need protection, care, staying with my parents. Into the unknown, with a large crowd of people, especially! This is the parent think that nothing will happen until he escapes with the map of children's clinic down, and his son or daughter bravely gone to sit and guard the place. Baby's here as a warrior, only war here is not real and internal. With fear.

Growing up, the fear will still be felt....Through self esteem, fear of abandonment, anxiety unpredictability and the desire for control.

do Not leave children!

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