There is such a thing — personal opinion.

Even a supporter of the "flat earth" has an opinion.

an Opinion is a belief. And the belief is always the impression.

the Conviction, expressed the opinion of another person can be in our opinion erroneous.

Why? That's right — because we have a different belief and a different opinion on the matter.

What makes a man, when faced with the opinion (conviction), contrary to his own?

And once again you are categorically right — trying this view is challenged, and the opponent to persuade.

don't do that. It's no use. And to no avail.

In any case, it makes sense to discuss? It makes sense to argue and to refute the arguments of opponents, such as in court.

But in normal life? In principle, you do not need. As a singing Dolphin, "it is better to rest your nerves, and about yourself send it to x..y" (s).

In everyday life you need to argue like this: I heard the opinion expressed. If a person tries to convince YOU — silent, and say no more.

Actually, all.

even When it is possible and to argue their position, and even argue?

Only when the person is ready to such dialogue, when he asks you about it — say Express your point of view. Psychologists from this category — ask them to they told the man their vision of a problem.

the simplest evidence of what was said in this article is certainly a forum. Even to explain anything I will not go into any topic and see who is out there and how to defend their opinion. And it fucking is not advocated. Why? Because you have to go to the person (the opponent is an idiot. At least a fool).

In General, it is necessary to do this — less to argue. Well, if you argue that not hoarse.


the survivor came to interview, how he managed to live to a hundred years.

- Tell me, what's your secret?

- I never argue.

- That, like, ever?

- Yes, never-never.

- That's direct, never, never argue?

- Yes, never-never with anybody do not argue.

- That's direct in generally never argue?

- Exactly.

- And maybe still arguing?

- and maybe argue.

this article is over.

Be calm and polite.

And, almost forgot — if you disagree with me is to persuade you not want and will not.

Thank you.

Maslennikov Igor
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