In a previous article I wrote about the moral concessions

these are indulgences that we ourselves unknowingly prescribed after committing a good deed or correct choice. "I'm a good person", we assure ourselves, "Can relax". br>
You went to the gym? Great job! I feel like the inner voice tells you that you can now and a Burger, and cake? Paid on time on the loan? Yes, such a disciplined person is not a sin to please any purchase...

Sometimes even the THOUGHT of good deeds can give us some slack for the near future. In one study, people were asked what type of volunteering they would prefer to teach orphans or care for nature? In another study, subjects just by spending some time thinking about charity, nothing has ACTUALLY donating. Subsequently, in fact, and in another case, people have increased the desire to pamper yourself with something at the Mall. br>
the Logic of moral indulgences charming in its absolute bias. Yes, we ate three pizzas, but they could have the whole thing! We could update the entire wardrobe and bought only one jacket! So any misconduct can make a reason for pride. For example, you are in debt, but Hello, you don't Rob a Bank in order to repay them. br>
do you know who are more affected by this moral distortion? It is ironic that those who want to be a good person. Or rather, people who see in any moral test the possibility thereby become a good person. We idealize virtue. We use against shame and guilt, hoping to achieve it. br>
But who are we kidding? We are just Homo sapiens. In the basis we have biologically reasonable desire to get what you want at the LOWEST losses. Therefore, we will always find arguments why this should not be done. It is very human to rebel against the rules that others impose on us for our own good. br>
So while you tell yourself that quit Smoking or lose weight - that's RIGHT, instead of what is NECESSARY for YOU PERSONALLY, you will be inconsistent in their actions. br>
the Moralizing is just ground for moral concessions. By setting goals in terms of "good and bad", we will only confuse the self-justification, but still eat a Burger and buy 37th purse. In fact, the volitional test will not make us good people, but can help to achieve goals. br>
with only them to decide.

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