Do you like...sausage..?))


again, forum topics)) "you Love your job", "do you love to welcome guests", "what sports do you like", "what movies do you love", "do you like to wash the floors". "do you like sausage", "do you love toilet paper Zeva"??? etc.)) this article will focus on the relevance of  the use of the word "love" to place.

Start with the fact that love not feeling and energy. The energy is very subtle, high frequency. In order to feel love inside yourself-get into the flow of love energy is not enough desire. It is worth thinking a certain way, act a certain way, live a certain way. in order for your body's energy, heart and Soul correspond to the heights of love energy. Then you get into the flow of love energy that will begin through you. You begin to radiate this energy and fill her all his actions, all his words. all of his life. 

Love is a verb. Love is filled with energy of love,  everything you do. In the human body there is no button that would allow you to dose the flow of your Love energy into the world. Love is your actions. interaction in the world and with the world. 

now let's try to imagine how the verb "to love" looks real-your actions regarding the sausage or washing floors or your work or toilet paper? Can you tell us about this?  whether it's really love or did you agree that the word "Love" is used in recent years almost to everything that quite a few appropriate. Using  doesn't make any sense of the word, we deprive of meaning the speech that leads to absurd our actions and in the end disastrous results. Why are so few reasonably interact with ourselves and the world? The question is rhetorical...

And one more thing, using  an inappropriate word "love" are you doing your speech is sparse and the notion of "Love" discount.

And...the word "Love" essentially means the knowledge of its divine nature. When you love the word try on the sausage. it turns out that the sausage is your personal God...hence many of its consequences in most of their beautiful little..." the sausage will sell Home", "sausage-our all," man becomes unwittingly held hostage by the subject which transmits such clumsy "love"

What words are appropriate in the above sentences-examples? a lot of Options)) 

Should not love the work and yourself in what you do. Love yourself for what you do is to perform a particular action or interacting honestly (create form) , pure (filling the forms with their corresponding energies) that lead you to a beautiful result.

the Appropriate use of the phrase "I like (like) smoked sausage., sports, or "prefer" summer sausages. thus "happy" eat cooked sausage or 

"I am" host.

"I love" to his work, to his work.

the list is long) would be more useful for you, readers, if you review own practice to replace the word "love" the most relevant in certain contexts)

I would be glad if my articles, you be useful in the practice of your life!

Thank you for your "thank you" you say" click "thank you" )

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