Doctor, check my eyesight. I make a lot of money, but money can not see!


the subject of money too many pitfalls, too much unknown and misunderstood.

  • money it's always something and it always catches us by surprise.

Surely You also noticed that money is sorely lacking at the exact moment when they are most needed?

Even at high salaries our finances periodically "sing romances".

I Propose to examine what are the reasons of instability in financial life — even if you have a good job and high income.

We are not able to predict their Future. But we can prepare for it. We can consider different scenarios and its response to external stimuli-events-changes.

Even if today we are all very good and even great, this does not mean that it will last forever. Rather, the contrary.

  • the fact that life is cyclical.
  • All ever ends — both good and bad. Growth inevitably gives way to fall, and the young — old age (after all, "trees do not grow to heaven").

In this respect, very indicative of the situation with professional athletes:

1) They are very earn a lot and their life is easy to observe (because of the paparazzi, she goes from all of us at mind).

2) now, just a couple of years after his resignation-out of the "big sports" 60-70% of famous athletes is in the verge of bankruptcy (i.e. no money).

the Reason is not excessive spending on glamorous beautiful life. Cause is an incorrect investment — a bad investment is completely "eat" all of their huge fees earned for many years in the sport.

Where to invest money? There, where to invest the rest of the people:

  1. They prefer to buy real estate.
  2. They give money to their friends who ask them for money for the launch of a new and potentially highly-profitable business project.
  3. in Other words, non-professional investors-those who don't know how to properly invest your money. They pay attention only to promise them an income and not on guarantees of return of invested money.

Professional investors are very skeptical of such investment:

  • Their approach to investing was formulated by Warren Buffett.
  • investor's Rule No. 1 is "Never lose your money".


  1. make a Lot of money — does not mean to be rich.
  2. to earn a Lot means, most often, only one — a lot of waste and poorly/clumsily to invest.
  3. Explore the topic of money. Learn to handle your finances!
  4. Read my article "Where NOT to invest? TOP 3 most dangerous for the money."
  5. Read my article "What it takes to become rich".


Stuart McPhee
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