the Most frequently asked questions from customers: "I will enter into a trance?""And if I don't GINABELLE?", "How do I know that I'm TRANS?"

Similar questions are asked by people under the influence of stereotypes about hypnosis. Many people confuse a classic policy hypnosis Erickson (not prescriptive). The word "hypnosis" people with stereotypes in mind I want to surrender to the will of the doctor and not to participate in the process of therapy. They believe that nothing will be able to understand, remember, and even more so to realize, because the work is done with the unconscious!

I saw that many hypnotherapists have already voiced similar topics in the Internet. But the number of people who are waiting for a miracle and the supernatural from hypnosis for some reason, has not diminished.

I Usually start our phone conversation with the client that tell you what TRANS and how I work. Talking about responsibility for the quality of the session, which is split 50: 50 between the therapist and the client, explain that there is no physical sense of immersion (drop) that the left hemisphere is also involved in the work, as well as the right (we cannot disconnect palmosa optional), say that the critical inner dialogue is normal, and it can be withdrawn to the outside world for the removal of excessive tension, etc., etc.

as a result, the client says "Yes" on all items and then said that he was not in hypnosis, because everyone understood, felt, sensed. There is a devaluing of all the work only because the expectations are not met. Similar behavior to meet from the lovers to travel to Peru and drinking the vine of the dead (aascu). They share their psychedelic experiences and want regressao "mushroom trances." Hour conversation about what's really not helping. They nod their head, say they understand, but as a result of any obtained in the TRANS experience compare with the experience under the influence of Ayahuasca. There is also a category of people "not taken" Alaska, and they believe that negilable. First, no one can check whether the narcotic substance "was not taken" to draw conclusions about nehybnosti. This information I only accept the words of the client. Second, conclusions about nehybnosti the absence of sensations from the use of herbs is fundamentally wrong. In this case, you can do more in the conclusions about the resistance of drugs, rather than a penchant for entering into the trance state.

Next, let's deal with the mysterious trance state. Trance is the state that occurs most often at the time of reducing the concentration on "here and now". This is the state when we think deeply (myself), a state between sleep and wakefulness, a kind of boundary condition, which remains in each of us. Another thing is that usually people do not keep track of in everyday life, such States and not betray them. And it is in these States there are insights, insight, brilliant ideas.

Why is this happening? The fact that in everyday life the average person actively working on more leopoliensis brain. Of course if you are not an artist and poet. The right hemisphere of a normal human starts with creative thinking, active in their sleep. But in a state between dream and reality there is a surge of neuronal activity in both hemispheres, and there are new neural connections, which give the outside world the effect is a brilliant idea. In other words, enables the desired variation of neural pathways. In the afternoon we went through the problems, and we were impulses in certain neurons, but the decision did not come as a suitable connection and then enable it was not. In the borderline between dream and reality is the work of mistakes daily finding solutions to problems. The brain starts to work a little differently, including both hemispheres, and answers come more active.

Also occurs in the TRANS. The brain is not just actively engages the right hemisphere, but works differently. So it is possible to allocate four frequencies of brain activity: beta-rhythm, alpha rhythm, theta rhythm Delta rhythm.

Beta – rhythm is awake, and active.

alpha – rhythm is a state of shallow trance (eyes closed, body relaxed, no sleep, quiet wakefulness). At the time of the trance people are at the level of the alpha rhythm. Is that the whole TRANS is on this level, but most regressao deepen the trance, and the man goes to the brain in the theta rhythm.

the Theta rhythm is a deep meditation. In this state, active the hippocampus (responsible for memory). In a deep trance well is work with the subconscious, you can get rid of plants, to paraphrase and to change adversely the existing installation on the positive, life-enhancing.

the Next stage of brain Delta rhythm. This condition is very deep, when the client does not remember what is happening in the session. In practice is rare. In life is a state of deep sleep.

But it is in any case does not mean that if a person is in the alpha rhythm of the brain, it is not the TRANS. I understand that everyone wants a deep Delta state, but it is important to understand that in today's world are moving away from the concept of "depth of trance", because any of the conditions listed is the TRANS. And if the goal is immersion – decision problems, search for answers, what's the difference from what depth of trance is a healing situation? Many clients are in the alpha level to solve the problem of life - and it does not mean that the TRANS failed because the client did not come to theta.

of Course trance is the task of regressao, you need to be competent, know the signs and criteria of a trance state, to have the tools of deepening the trance. But very often come alarming, controlling all clients. They find it hard to relax, hard not to think about the problems, it is difficult to follow the breath, because their brains are used to work actively. Regressor in turn, reduces anxiety, works with the body, directs the client's attention to the unconscious processes. But, understand, regressao can force the brain of the client to work on the "right" frequency.

Perhaps, in practices such as theta healing, where they are working in the theta state, (as the name implies) uses additional mechanisms such as music, which will influence the brain rhythms. But in regression therapy, I encourage clients to its natural occurrence in TRANS with the voice of the therapist.

For me, as regressao, all States are important and necessary. If work proceeds well on the alpha level, - well, if we went out on the Delta even better. But I hear from clients frustrated that at the alpha level, they have not felt the depth of trance. Yes, came the answers and the understanding, but people put all the work into question only because of their expectations from the hypnosis not met, as they had read about the Delta state and said they wanted to be at this depth.

But in practice it happens that the depth of trance varies throughout the session. Guidance is in the alpha wave, then deepening, then back again to alpha. TRANS is a condition, and not static.

Next, we are all individual and what is good for one may be a bad example for the other. Regressao chasing a deep trance and directs the client to the solution of the problem in the TRANS. And if the client is comfortable and convenient to operate at a certain frequency, then that's great, do not need artificial additives in the form of interference in the process in order to make deeper and better.

Again, the purpose of the session – the solution to the problem, not the depth of trance.

His article I would like to increase the understanding of natural trance, deep trance. I hope now the question will be smaller.

serebryannikova Julia
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